Wolf and Owl PT 3

“The world is changing.” Hugh MacLeod

Time omitted itself with work that was normal to all, at least on a world as such as this.

There’s my three favourite people in all of Ardan,” said Ben to his wife coming back with some much needed tea for the two of them.

I appreciate your enthusiasm, Ben, but you know I don’t buy bullshit. Never say anything unless you know it to be absolutely true. And we haven’t even had one entire day with these two yet.”

She had one of her babies on one side of her and the other on the other upon the gurney. There was also bed support put up on both sides so they would not fall off, bars which held them in.

So, any clues as to what to call them yet?” said Ben, still sounding enthusiastic. She smiled at his persistence and positivity.

I always liked the name Lucy for a girl,” said Angela looking at the her new born female child staring up at her, being curious about the world, clenching her little hands as she tried to look around.

Hmm,” sounded Ben.

What?” asked Angela, thinking there was some resistance to the name immediately.

I always liked the name Liam,” he said.

Liam? For a girl? Don’t make me say it.”

No, no, no. I meant for the…”

Angela held herself for as long as possible without laughing, but then filled the room with her cheery loudness.

Thought I would have learned by now,” said Ben.

You and me both… but Liam.” She then looked at the boy as he said the name. “Yes, I believe that would fit quite well. Lucy and Liam… Liam and Lucy. “Yes, I really do like it,” she said, sounding happy but tired all at once. She laid back down with the babies still quite calm on either side, but then popped back up to sip her cup of tea carefully before giving it back to her husband to put at the side

Angela immediately felt warm inside; from both the drink and this wonderful feeling of excitement bubbling up.

She sighed from a place that was not from relief, but more from a realisation of her life being a good one—in a good place.

Even though she forgot about something vitally important, that something that was pushed to the back of her head; at least for now.

It was at the beginning of the next day when the now new family of four left the hospital.

Yet as Angela walked and thanked the reception, also giving thanks to the nurses and people who helped her, she saw him again.

This time she dropped Lucy from her right hand, who was luckily enough protected by the baby carrier, but still caused the child to wake and scream all the same.

Ben looked at his wife, alarmed. His eyes were so wide that she was afraid of him; she had never him this way before. He was holding Liam in an identical baby carrier, just plain grey with a poker dot pattern of vibrant colours for the material on the inside. The lack of noise or speech, or anything, made it harder for Angela.

They all pushed on, and it wasn’t until they were all ready to go in the car, and Lucy finally fell back asleep, that Ben finally spoke.

What is happeni—”

It was him again. The one I saw in the delivery room. The one I saw when he told me I was… pregnant. Before anybody else ever knew.”

This person, how often do you see him?” asked Ben.

Only when something is shifting. When something in my life changes. Be it good or bad—he is always there. Him, or some strange woman I have only seen once. I just don’t understand it. Any of it.”

Do you think your ability of sight is doing this?” asked Ben holding her hand, trying to soothe her troubled mind.

I can only see the auras of people still; where they are going, where they have been. Nothing has made me think this could be something more from the same ability.”

Are you scared that it is possible your sight could manifest itself in ways?”

Angela gave a burdened look before she looked away and answered. “You have not seen the evil we can do, Ben. All of us. It takes just a single tragic event for any of us to change.” She then turned to him, as if she plucked up some courage. “If I could manifest that into reality… I can’t even think about what could happen—it could destroy countless lives—not just our own.”


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A Brief Update.

Hello folks!

A catch up post today I think, and another Midori post next week.

I’m not doing too badly. I’ve been reading a little more. Not as much as I would like to, but a little more than “not at all” is a good start. I really, really want to start reading the Game of Thrones books (yes yes, I know they’re technically called… A Song of ICce and Fire) but I find them a little intimidating – size wise I mean. I think the language is more.. Readable than, say The Lord of the Rings, which I have started but… Ow, my brain. Plus, I have the first book, with the older cover and they keep releasing new covers all the time, which means I don’t think I’m ever going to have a complete set now which… Really ticks me off actually. That doesn’t sit right with me and I don’t like it.

Writing is going well too I think. It could be going better, but… Yeah, I fell into Diablo 3 and I can’t get out. I can’t help it, it’s really enjoyable and it kinda satisfies my “I want to play World of Warcraft” itch. But without the £9 or so a month subscription fee; you just have to buy the game and that’s it (and I didn’t even buy the game, Matt got it for me for our anniversary. Or, it’s one of the things he got me anyway.)

Hmm, what else is there? I’ve been called some interesting things on Twitter recently, which amuses me greatly as I hang onto my title of Queen Enabler. Well, I’m very good at convincing two wonderful Twitter friends (taaaa and dahhh)to buy stuff. And sometimes they turn the tables on me. Actually, that’s beginning to happen more often than it used to – I better watch out for that!

Other news, other news… Yeah, I don’t have a lot else really.

Until next time,



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Wolf and Owl PT 2

“The most important thing a creative person can learn professionally is where to draw the red line that separates what you are willing to do from what you are not.” Hugh MacLeod

Bare in mind this is a rough draft. A very rough draft. I have not done as much research as I would have liked on some stuff, but that can all be sorted out when I have more time at the beginning of next year!

Angela and Ben were in the hospital in the delivery room.

Doctors and nurses were all around, and Ben, as hard as he tried, could not watch. He just gripped his wife’s hand tightly by her side, yet not as tight as her when she had contractions, keeping his eyes closed.

And his wife was so focussed on the getting these babies out that she didn’t have time to pay attention to what her husband’s eyes were doing.

Angela threw her head back in agony, her own face being tremendously red with water almost following, ready to drop from both eyes.

She opened her eyes, hoping the pain would somehow disappear, but it didn’t—instead a different kind of pain came to her—when she saw someone watch her on the outside of the door through the window. She propped herself up when she shouldn’t have, as it made her feel very uncomfortable this person was here.

Get him away,” she said, pointing to the door in a loud outburst.

Ben now opened his eyes and looked at where she pointed… but there was nothing there, except a few doctors and nurses walking by.

I won’t let you ruin them,” screamed Angela still looking as if there really was someone there. It frightened every single person in the room, making them uncomfortable. Everybody gave a look, as if none of them really knew how to answer her.

You have to calm down and get back into position,” said one of the nurse’s trying to get her back on track.

Angela done as she was asked, but she wallowed inside, thinking of what this man was going to do. She started shaking, not being able to concentrate at what was at hand and needed to be done. The to be mother was too busy thinking about the future, and if its outcome would end well—at all.

The first ones coming,” said the nurse who seemed more exited than the mother at this time. She held up the baby. “One healthy girl.”

Angela screamed again as the other inside her seemed to try and make itself into the world without any help.

Okay, come on. Keep going,” said the mid wife.

No, I can’t,” cried Angela to her husband. “I can’t do all this just to lose them.”

All those in the room looked more than uncomfortable now.

This new mother was talking about something she was determined they were all in the dark about, only they couldn’t address this clear problem right now.

Thanks for reading!

M. Riddle



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Me and the Midori: Part 4 – In the Case Of…

*(Or, cases. Let’s be honest. No pen addict only has one pen case.)

Hey guys.

So, last time I promised you a look inside the pen cases I keep in the ‘bag organiser’ where I hoard all my Midori stuff, so that’s what you’re going to get.

Pen Cases
There are four cases there and only three of them are stuff in my organiser. The top left one is my Kickstart reward from the Nock Co. campaign, so don’t worry about that one for now.

Paperchase Tin
First up, the pencil tin on the right with all the London images on it. Naturally, I got this one from Paperchase. In this one, we have my watercolour pencils from WHSmiths (they have “Just add water” on them in silver, which I love) and a waterbrush.

PenRoll from eBay
Then, in the brown pen-roll, which I got from eBay for… under £2 I think, we have the following:


That goes from right to left in the picture of the pens in the case up there. Not entirely sure why I wrote it like that, but there you go. I really like those gel pens, and the lids are pretty cute. Plus they were pretty cheap – I think I paid just under £3 for all four? They’re thin too, so they’d probably fit in most organiser pen loops.

Finally we have that bigget pencil case. That’s made from oxblood red leather, and I got that from eBay too. That one was a little more expensive – I think I paid £6 or so for it (I can’t remember, but I know it wasn’t more than £7) but, I really like it and don’t regret that. The eBay seller had lots of different colours and a few different things in their shop. The seller was… Leather on the High Street. I have a picture on my Instagram of this case, my Personal Wine Holborn Filofax and my Midori.

So first, we have the big “group shot” of the stuff:



Right ColumnAnd then, two close ups for the different “columns.” Things in the column on the right that aren’t on the scan I’ll show you in a minute are:
~ a Uni-Ball Kura Toga with a gel grip
~ Kura Toga leads, Pilot Eno red leads and some, I think Pilot coloured leads
~ a Faber Castell triangular eraser.

Left Column Y’see, these are all things that I’d like to be using in my Midori, that I plan on using, but currently I just can’t put down my fountain pens. I don’t think it’s a bad thing, but it’s not… Not quite what I planned, which is slightly odd, but hey, they’ll still be there when I want them.

Right; here’s the scan of what those pens look like – excuse the highlighter smudging please, I’m not sure what happened there.

Tell you what though guys. It’s a good job I’m not doing this with every pencil case that I own. That would be… Quite the post.

So that’s what I keep in these cases and they’re all pens I’m actually really rather fond of. Then again, I don’t think I own any pens that I don’t like; maybe a few that I’m not sure about but that’s an unrelated post.

Until next time folks!



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Wolf and Owl

 “Dying young is overrated.” Hugh MacLeod

First of all I would like to apologise for forgetting to post last week.

I honestly and completely forgot; I think it has to do with the stress of getting this second draft finished, it is now officially overdue the deadline and I have like 26 pages left to go still. And I think I will be adding material near the end as well.

Don’t get me wrong, it is still immensely fun, but when you are away from it the pressure of getting the thing finished still continues to grow; I should be starting that story on here for you guys too, and I am going to start it right now—regardless.

Because I kind of need some kind of variation and change in my writing life at the minute. It is overdue!

Bare in mind that I cannot physically finish this story on the blog, because I need to go back to the Silver Cathedral Saga for the third draft.

There will probably be two to three weeks of posts with this. Depending on how well it goes.

So here is the first part of Wolf and Owl:

In the beginning it felt just like any other day.

The sun was covered by dark clouds, rain spat at the ground. It was so heavy it almost sounded like the splashes were making its own tune. Maybe not a complex, melody like we’re all used to, but still, it did.

Something seemed to lurk in that looming darkness within the sky, fearing something that would some day come to her was today.

A crack of thunder is what sounded this strange something coming for her on this particular day.

A shadow flew through the sky. Angela looked up and saw it move, feeling numb with terror engulfing her.

It’s as I feared,” she told herself.

She screamed in pain. “Ben,” she yelled from her back garden. The thunder grew even more vicious as a man came rushing through the conservatory door and looked at Angela now in the garden getting drenched. “My waters have just broke.”

Angela looked at the liquid on the floor and held her stomach like she was going to lose her unborn children.

Tears streamed down her face; she knew what was next.

What the hell are you doing out there?” said Ben. He got his wife into the house.

Though before he managed to do so, the light from the lightning, in a brief flicker, made the woman’s face look like something you would see from a horror film. And she was horrified, only not of herself this time.

Ben quickly placed Angela into the back seat of the car and strapped her in.

As he soared up to the speed of eighty miles down the road his wife screamed louder and louder, as if she was reacting to the increasing and decreasing speed. Her face looked as if she was in agony, breathing hard.

Angela’s husband stopped at a set of traffic lights. The only ones which turned red on him.

Dammit,” he said, hitting the steering wheel. He braked so hard it forced Angela to stop thinking about herself being in the middle of child birth for a moment because of the butterflies pushed upon her. Though it all came back too quickly and too easily for Angela to relish in it.

Something’s poking out already. Hurry up.” Angela looked out the car window: Rain trickled down, which in a way made her looked trapped. She thought the droplets of water were trying to get at her, and the guilt took hold now more than ever—bang—it went, just like a bullet to the gut. Her gut.

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Today is a pretty special day.


(Click once to make bigger, but you shouldn’t need to zoom in any more than that!)

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Me and the Midori: Part 3 – Look At All That Stuff.

Hello folks!

So here we go with part three, and I’m going to disappoint you right off of the bat. This post is still not about the book itself. We’re getting there, don’t worry. Plus, it gives me more time to settle into the thing, to finalise how I like it set up. And for it to get a bit scuffed and loved. I don’t consider that a bad thing.

It is however, a fairly picture heavy post!

Okay. We know what pushed me into buying an actual Midori, how I came to hear of them, what I’m going to use it for and all of that good stuff. So now we’re going to see what I use alongside it. Or, the small bag if things I have alongside it that I intend to use with it.

The stack o' stuff

The stack o’ stuff

The small bag is a bag organiser I got from ebay for a couple of pounds. It’s pretty handy actually, and is a good size to put the standard sized Midori and/or inserts in lengthways. (I actually think these little organisers are better sized for both sized Midoris than they are for Filofaxes, but that’s my personal opinion.) I do think the handles are a bit naff, but they are is only supposed to be used to take the thing in and out of a handbag. Actually, Rhomany did a good review of one. The orange box is an old gift box that I got some Body Shop stuff in a Christmas or two ago. It’s a pretty sturdy box actually.

Inside the box - just a peek.

Inside the box – just a peek.

I use the box as somewhere to keep scraps of paper, bits from magazines, sheets of stickers and various other interesting bits of… Stuff. It’s pretty full at the moment so I should actually use some more of it. (Note to self: work on that.) I’m not going to show you everything that’s in here, because, it’s mostly just scraps of magazines, and those are really just personal preference. There’s a lot of scraps from video game magazines and stationery stuff in there, if I’m totally honest with you.

Right. Now onto the bag itself. First, the outside pockets. I’ve taken photos of the stuff inside the pockets so you can get a vague idea of what pockets there are to play with, and the stuff out of the pockets so you can have a better look.

Side A - with stuff in

Side A – with stuff in

Side A - stuff out of pockets

Side A – stuff out of pockets

So, in this pocket we just have a couple of still carded pen loops (which I got from WHSmiths for about £1.99 a piece), a small bag of various binder clips and three paper tapes.

Side B - stuff out of pockets

Side B – stuff out of pockets

Side B

Side B

And on this side we have… More paper tapes, some sticky notes with divider tabs and one of those making tape sets in the kraft folder thing instead of the tin. Yes, I do get a lot of things from WHSmiths, that is a thing.

Now I’ll show you a top down view before going through the two zip pockets, if I have anything in those and then I’ll look in the main compartment itself.

Top down view with the zips open. Jeez that's full.

Top down view with the zips open. Jeez that’s full.

So, if you look to the bottom, ish, you’ll see a flash of white. That’s the cloth bag that you get in the box with has you Midori in it. You get one of those bags no matter which size Midori you get and the only critisism I have is that it’s not a drawstring bag. It’s a nice little extra though. Let’s see what I keep in it.

Oh look, inserts.

Oh look, inserts.

That’s a 013, a 014 and a 003 which I believe are a lightweight paper insert, a kraft insert and a plain insert. If you look closer, you’ll see that my inserts have rounded corners. All of my inserts have rounded corners. It took an absoloute age because my corner rounder can only do a couple of pages at a time, at a push (more for the lightweight paper but still, no more than three pages I think) but I just prefer the way it looks. Now for the main compartment. Ready? I think there’s a lot in this one.


Okay. The top row consists of a pencil tin, a pencil case, a pencil roll and then a smaller tin of graphite pencils. Then you have the boxthe Midori came in which I believe contains the spare elastic, the separate elastics and the papery bits. Then on top of that you have a couple of cardboard folders I made, that I haven’t tried out yet.

On the bottom row we have yet more inserts; a plain and three lightweight paper ones (can you tell which is my favourite?) And again, all those corners are rounded. Then we have a fun coloured Papermate Inkjoy multi pen (and to be honest I’m not entirely sure why that’s there because I think it’s supposed to be somewhere else.) And finally, a selection of magnetic bookmarks. That Wildlife one has one missing from the pack, and I do know exactly what it is and where it is.

But Danni, we want to know what’s in your pencil cases! I hear you cry. And I should imagine that you do, but that is what I’m going to cover in Part 4.

Until next week!



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