Welcome to the blog! For the first week, the four of us will be posting introduction posts to tell you a little bit about ourselves. Next week, the blogging will start for real when on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday one of us will post a blog about whatever we feel like. Some will be writing based, some might not, but we should have fun anyway!

So, hello, I’m Lil and I’m the Tuesday blogger. It was my mad idea to start this thing up in the first place and I was very glad that the other three thought it was a good enough idea to go along with it. It all started with a facebook message in which I told them my idea and hoped they wouldn’t think: “Well, that’s a rubbish idea!” (Or words to that effect.)

I’m 22 and have just finished my degree in Writing Contemporary Fiction. Because of this, I am now writing/editing a very long and complicated (I think so anyway!) novel about the First World War. I’m on the third draft.

Which leads us nicely into the next bit: I find the First World War strangely fascinating and I’m not really sure why, I think Siegfried Sassoon is brilliant in many ways (even with his difficult name) and spend too much time and money collecting books by him. I really love musicals and plays and probably over half of my iPod is of cast recordings from shows. I’m also (still) quite obsessed with Harry Potter but it means so many things to me that if I started writing them here, I’d  never finish. (I got sorted into Hufflepuff on Pottermore and didn’t know what to think.)

To give you the idea of the sort of things I read, these are the books I’ve bought recently (you can also look at my reading list for 2011): The Berlin Stories and Prater Violet by Christopher Isherwood, Tunnels and Deeper by Gordon and Williams, The Floating Book by M. R. Lovric, The American Boy by Andrew Taylor, Ostrich Boys by Keith Gray, Paper Towns by John Green, Alone on a Wide Wide Sea and Not Bad for a Bad Lad  by Michael Morpurgo, Join Me by Danny Wallace, The Battle Picture Annual 1976.

I bought all of these from charity shops apart from one (I’ll let you guess which) as there are a lot of brilliant ones where I live, including a 25p book shop in the village. I think one day I might get crushed by the huge pile of books that is teetering up the side of my chest of drawers, but for now we’ll take that risk!

So, that’s it for now. See you next Tuesday and hope you enjoy the rest of the intro posts.

At the end of each post I will be updating the current word count for my novel (so you can see if I actually do any work in a week!) and the book I am currently reading.

Current word count: 20, 625
Currently reading: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix



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3 responses to “Hello!

  1. Karen Ward

    What a great idea, I shall look forward to reading all of the blogs.

  2. Wendy

    God job i’m here to oversee Lil and comment (as is my job! ) LOL! x

  3. Pat

    And what a great job your doing 🙂

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