Jon Here!

Hello all. I am your third blogger of the week: Jon.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking what I should say in this post, and I thought it would be good to tell a story; of when I felt I knew I was meant to be a writer.

First of all I have been a storyteller before I even knew how to write. And read. But it wasn’t until my last year of College, when I studied and practiced digital media, that a sign told me a certain something. I was working on my final major project. I realised I had to write a script for the creative video I would be filming and editing later. I wrote it, had it looked over and was stunned at the look my lecturer gave me after. He laughed exactly in the right places. Felt drawn in and sympathetic to the way it ended. I am not afraid to say I am not bright. The script mark was the only distinction I got in all my two years. This was the time that I realised I not only wanted to write, but needed to — and that happened then on.

I could not justify in words to express what it meant to me that not only my lecturer, but most of my peers laughed and felt somewhat saddened by the whole thing. Regardless of my video not coming through as good as I hoped. And as most know, the world is, and always will be, made up of billions of stories (from all the people) that are tied up to make one enormous one; And that is that we are connected through living on this world together. Also known as the blue planet.

In the next post I will start to show my current word count on my new novel weekly. I will show what I am currently reading at the bottom of each page if it changes. Also next week only I will show the very first page of my newest novel. I will post sketches, a list of all my ideas and what I’m currently planning to work on next.

Can’t think of much else necessary to say. Hope you enjoy the posts from this week forward!

Untill next time folks.


Currently reading:

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

Author: Jules Verne

Understand Philosphy: Teach Yourself

Author: Mel Thompson


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  1. Wendy

    Looking forward to the first page of the new novel 🙂

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