Hello! Wow, three tough acts to follow. Right.

I’m Craig and your local friendly neighbourhood Friday blogger! In a shockingly similiar fashion to my three associates, I recently obtained a “Writing Contemporary Fiction” degree from Southampton Solent University and have ascended to the awkward point beyond degree and before regular daily obsession. Huzzah!

My hobbies include writing (stone the crows!), reading (shock horror), reviewing things (…maybe not so obvious), amateur drama and video games. All of these will be referred to here at some point, so I’m certain you’re looking forward to that. Do I have your attention yet? Better throw more intrigue your way just in case.

Like my fellow writers here I’m working on my novel at a recognisable pace, having submitted a fair amount of it for my dissertation. I also enjoy blogging regularly (despite what the whispers on the wind tell you), social gaming, scouring the Internet for information on my favourite books, games and films and writing the punchline in brackets (outstanding!).

When it comes to taste, I have a broad mindset. My music collection, which ranges from 80s pop to metal to obscure video game soundtracks, is evidence enough of this.

I do hope that we shall enjoy our Fridays together.

– Craig

Currently reading: American Gods – Neil Gaiman
(It was about time…)


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