Due to a small shredder related incident and a rather large car related incident, this blog is being put up much later than I would have liked. But, nevermind, on with the show.

Today, I’m going to talk a bit about inspiration, where it comes from and how I use it to fuel ideas.

For me, inspiration comes from a lot of places, be it other books, films, music, theatre or even real life. Inspiration sometimes hits in the strangest of places – most often for me when I’m doing something completely unrelated. I also always seem to think of new ideas when I’m dropping off to sleep, thinking “I’ll remember that in the morning.” – have I ever? Of course not!

I find myself inspired by music quite a lot, as I listen to music when I’m writing and find that sometimes, the right song just happens to play at the right time. When this happens, sometimes it spurs on the writing, leaving me wanting to capture the spirit of the song in whatever I’m writing.

For the novel I’m writing at the moment, my playlist (that I can’t say I actually listen to much anymore, but was a great help in the first couple of drafts) consists of music and songs from the War Horse cast recording, a song by The Killers that I think captures everything my main character thinks throughout the entirety of the novel, a song by Josh Groban and several by Dashboard Confessional. It also includes a couple of other songs that I feel echo the sentiment of my novel.

Obviously some of us are not lucky enough to have people composing songs about our books (it happens!), so for me, creating playlists or finding songs which remind me of my book or characters is always interesting. As someone who likes musicals, I also often find songs that would work perfectly if they were written from the point of view one or more of my characters.

So, that’s all for this week. See you next week!

– Lil

Current word count: 29, 195
Currently reading: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix




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2 responses to “Inspiration.

  1. jtotheptothe

    You inspire me Lil! Okay, now that was cheesy, even for me. Funny how the truth usually is though. Light bulb! x

  2. Wendy

    Goodbye Dolly Grey……………………….!

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