‘It Is not what Happens to Us, but…

I am going to keep this part brief and to the point. I’ll try and let my first page do most of the talking for me this week.

I have realised there are many lessons a person can learn, never mind a writer, but I have found the most useful one can be applied for everything. You see, my writing once depended upon other peoples opinions. I became confused and felt somewhat misunderstood because almost everyone was telling me to do something different to alter it. Peoples advice was conflicting upon each other. Who on earth could make sense of so much different advice from so many individuals? Especially the conflicting parts? No one.

The hardest but most valuable advice I could give to YOU, or anyone, is to trust yourself. Your own opinion of yourself is the most important. It is only then, that you’ll soon see things will fall in to place.

I hope you enjoy the following page that is from my Beings That Matter Pt. 2 novel I am currently working on. I have grew awfully fond of this story — and above all, writing it.

Beings That Matter Pt. 2

(First Draft)

 J. P. White

Chapter 1

Lost And Found.

Much was lost. Yet more had been found. The battle of the Sahara desert turned in to a massacre for both sides. Three of the seven, known as the Edeolon warriors, now rest with the sand. The fight only a realisation of something bigger they had not seen until now. Their remaining lives are about to change – yet again.

However, this is not so much a story about magic; not this time. No; this time it is a story about machines, and the way a certain reserved species has come to control and use them in the present. It is now that their power has started to affect all life beyond their own. A secret lurks with them. Walks with them.

It is well known that magic and technology share one thing in common; they are used for weapons by their users; some to protect and save, others to kill and take.  They don’t have a choice – but what if magic and machines grew a mind of their own? What if they could choose to deny their user the effect of their power. What would happen then? It just so happens the existence of both share a tie that none have seen. Not until now.

You will know, like all, that a person can be both good and bad. It’s all a point of view. Our emotions can save or punish us, and in turn change us in to something we would never wish to be. But it happens. Sometimes they can be saved, and sometimes not. It is the balance of things.

It is not what happens in this life that matters; people die. They change, move on.  All will soon see their greatest lesson yet to be learned: That it is not what happens to us, but the choices we decide to make after them. That defines us. Some people get lost on their way. Maybe. Just maybe, there is a chance for these warriors to be saved beyond their physical death. To go down in history as the ones who inspired a galaxy to rise up from each of their planets slums. Take back what is rightfully theirs. But nothing is certain. Not anymore. Hope is fading.

It seems as if nothing is neutral anymore in the galaxy. Everyone’s against the Neons, and failing drastically, or under threat and being slaughtered. These beings are said to be a living and breathing black death. Their maker: Calibre Drake, has already took control of another three planets because of his army. Lives continue to diminish. These so called beings as it is, still grow in number. And so – the story continues.

Drage and the others landed back where they were meant to be; a place they called ‘home.’ A crack of thunder sounded, and its sound weakened. Steam came from the five, including Drage, who you would assume were human by appearance.

All came from an alien planet not known to the earthlings; it was isolated; stars protected it, hid it – but that didn’t stop the bad from taking it. Things always end where they begin: Amaranth. And this is where both sides of the chess board were spawned in this war. If you could call it such a thing? Most see it as a galactic slaughter.

I hope you liked this as much as I wrote it.

Till next time people.




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4 responses to “‘It Is not what Happens to Us, but…

  1. wendy

    Loved it, like your style 🙂

  2. Underwood Lynch

    This is glorious.

  3. jtotheptothe

    Danke Craig. Well, I hate to sound too epic but… You aint seen nothing yet! Remember that I’m also posting the very last page in ten month too.

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