Curtain Up.


So, because I can’t ever seem to work on only one thing at once, I have started yet another project. I have started writing a play.

Now, I don’t see myself as some brilliant playwright, not in a thousand years, but because theatre is such a passion of mine (I may as well eat, sleep and dream it sometimes), I’ve wanted to try my hand at it for a couple of years. Ideally, I would like to write a two-hander – two characters, a battle of wills and lots of drama in between.

As it happens, the play (which so far only consists of four draft pages and vague subplots) is only going to have three characters but hopefully enough drama to keep everyone interested!

I’m not going to give anything away but as I seem to be a one trick pony, I will tell you that it is set several years after the First World War and involves two slightly angry men and one slight shaken up one.

To get a feel for how plays work and how everything sort of fits together I am going to be doing a lot of research, reading as many plays as I can get my hands on/afford. I already have the scripts of War Horse, The History Boys, Journey’s End, Spring Awakening (Wedekind), Not About Heroes, A View from the Bridge/All My Sons and the complete works of Shakespeare. I’ll probably get the script of Danny Boyle’s production of Frankenstein as it was a play I particularly enjoyed watching, but the rest will be things I’ve never read/heard of or scripts of plays I’ve seen.

If anyone has any recommendations for good play script to read, I’d love to hear them.

In other news, I started volunteering at the local Stained Glass Museum today. It’s the only stained glass museum in Britain and the biggest collection of glass outside of the British Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum (I think). While working you can hear the choirs rehearsing and the vicars doing their occasional quiet reflection prayers, which is quite nice. The people are also lovely so it should be an enjoyable way to spend the time before getting a job.

I also MUST clarify that I didn’t have a car accident or anything, even though the beginning of my post last week made it sound as though something like that happened. My mum’s car broke down in Tesco car park and we were stuck there for what felt like hours and hours, eventually having to have an RAC man come out and put a new battery in the car.

I’ve finally finished reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (It’s MASSIVE.), and have moved onto something very different – The Last of Mr. Norris by Christopher Isherwood, (or Mr. Norris Changes Trains if you’re an Isherwood purist) which I’m enjoying, but I only seem to be able to read one chapter at a time instead of about three or four chapters in one night. Odd.

Editing isn’t going as well as it had been several weeks ago, but I’m sure when I sit down to it another day I’ll get back into the groove of it again.

Current word count: 30, 646
Currently reading: The Berlin Stories: The Last of Mr. Norris – Christopher Isherwood


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