An Artist’s Way.

Unfortunately, the beginning of this is more of a rant than a structured post this week. But it gets better, I promise.

This week I have had not just one, but five ideas for this blog. There is so much I would like to say. I suppose my fictional writing alone will never be enough to say what I’d like to; one; because I always think there is something new and exiting for me to say so often throughout the day, and two; because time doesn’t slow down when I write about them. I’ve only started to see that time is precious. And damn is it a pain.

I have had to prioritise a list of four stories to write after my two novels and short story are written and edited. I have promised myself to finish all six (seven if you count the short story) before I die. All are connected by The Nexus Chamber, which will be explained in later posts. There is even an erotic fiction in one of the four 😉 Also, most are different genres; a collection of stories I have already got a name for, but am not telling. Not yet, anyway.

Before I get started I would like to make clear that I write simply for myself. No one else. It is a hobby of pure satisfaction. If anything more comes of it, fair enough. But I am not going to treat it like a chore or job. Not anymore. It made me miserable doing that very thing. When I look back in the future I want to not regret that I wrote any of my writing; no matter how bad. Not one bit. Because I would of regret not writing them in the end, anyway.

I would like to talk about my own individual strengths and weaknesses as an artist. I have only just realised my strength at writing; which is my dialogue. The reason why is probably because talking in novels can convey so many things; love, hate, pain, distress etcetera. It not only tells and reveals things, but shows what a character is like; the kind of person they are; witty, for example. So for me, it just came naturally because it is the fun part about a book I read.

I have began to see a pattern in all artists and how they utilise their strengths and weaknesses to create effective end results. I’ll leave you to figure out what your favourite artists weaknesses and strengths are. That isn’t the debate here.

The reason I decided to write about this topic is because a writers weakness(es) can kill a good story. Including mine. It is our job as writers to wave the good of our abilities at the readers eyes a lot more than the weaker aspects of the product. But all novels need simple procedures that can’t be escaped in writing. So, sometimes we expose ourselves to our weaker talents. However, that isn’t what being an artist is about. Not at all.

The artists way is to play to your strengths and acknowledge your weaknesses. As a dyslexic I have some major ones. I have been told to my face numerous times I would never be good at anything because of it. The amount of times I was told I was thick in Primary school was unreal. But I type here now. Still alive, and raising my game. As always. Which in fact links in to what I will be talking about next week: Self-compassion and empowerment.

Hope you enjoy all the posts. Till next time.

Jon x

Current word count: 16,036


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  1. the only class i look forward to today is my english class! its litterally like the movie the freedom writers and i am that one white person

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