Out of Line

There will be a deviation from the norm today (in week three? Oh my!) as I’d like to take a moment to speak about the current projects I’m working on with regards to writing and some previous stuff. I apologise for this post being late but some of these projects have taken up my time, as you’ll probably see over the coming weeks.

Lately I’ve decided to spread out from personal projects such as my own blog (which gets updated several times a day, clearly…) and my novel in order to gain experience working with other people, while still writing. I wrote for VVGtv.com, an Xbox 360 independent gaming website, for a few months and recently joined the Entechtainment team at http://www.entechtainment.co.uk, in order to spread my talents elsewhere and gain more experience. While I studied Writing Contemporary Fiction at university, my alternative was Journalism due to a personal interest in the subject. As I’m a fan of technology and video games (if you hadn’t guessed by this point) the opportunity to write about the two was something that I really jumped at. If you’re aspiring to be a writer, making friends within the field and getting as much experience as you can is a must, especially when it comes to published content. As with the art industry, your portfolio is everything – words mean nothing without proof!

My novel continues to move at a steady pace, although I’ve done a few edits here and there. One of my weaknesses as a writers (or perhaps strengths) is that I am very critical of my own work. Editing is both a savior and a sin: while it makes your written word more valuable, too much can spoil it. Multiple viewpoints are useful for this purpose, hence the earlier point about making trusted friends within the field (who won’t steal your work, obviously).

Then again it’s up to the individual to decide how much editing their work needs, but nobody is perfect.


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  1. wendy

    Good luck with the website writing! 🙂

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