My Guardian Angel.

Change of plan for this week. I will be doing self compassion and empowerment next week. This post probably isn’t the most appropriate topic for what the blog is about. But I will begin.

Lil brought my attention to what I am writing about this week when I stayed at hers some weeks back. Which is the equivalent of our own individual guardian angel for writing.

Most people have one. Even if they don’t realise it yet. I know I didn’t. At least not until two weeks ago when I realised what I was doing with my little brother; talking to him about my novel. And him giving suggestions back. I have been doing this for over a year now. Ring a bell for any others out there?

I remember when I was in university when I first explained the entire concept to him. It took me about three hours (no exaggeration) to explain what it would entail. And as it turned out, he was as exited about it as I was. If not more. If that is at all possible?

A writer, or author, would lie if they could write completely on their own without any help whatsoever. It’s impossible. So for me, my little brother Shawn, is my guardian angel for my writing. He may be young being only fifteen. But he knows a good story when it hits him. And more importantly; what can make it better.

My little brother has what people would call special needs. But for me he is just simply special. There was a point when I didn’t understand why he was like the way he was. Then I did a dissertation in the first year of university on autism; that explained a lot about the way he was. It opened my eyes. Although we have always got on incredibly well, it made me see everything in a complete new way. I understood him now. I stuck up for him when people in public would just say he needed a good hiding. I got over emotional and tired about it very quickly. Everyone was quick to judge. But not to UNDERSTAND. The evil critic always dormant, and ready to pounce. Even in me. But trust me, it is being tamed.

I realised after so many years, that my little brother and I went through one common thing that united us: That we were both misunderstood — from the beginning.

Even know Shawn can’t read this, I would like to apologise to him still. For me not always being the the brother that he deserved. I will tell him this tonight!

Word count: 18, 876



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  1. wendy

    I’m sure you’re exactly the brother he wanted you to be Jon 🙂

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