Before I move on, I shall be honest with you all. Today I don’t feel like writing a blog post at all what with one thing and another but I shall persevere. If it’s rubbish, I do apologise.

So, why?

I was reading a book last night called A Novel in a Year by Louise Doughty, which is based on a column she wrote for a national newspaper. Every now and then she would set her readers exercises and ask them to post their responses on the newspapers website. One of the exercises was to write why they wanted to write a novel. So today, I thought I would answer that question.

I think many people get into writing because they see what somebody else has done and feel inspired to do the same. For me, as with a lot of things in my life it seems, it started with Harry Potter. When there were only four books and we knew there were definitely three still to come, many young (and maybe some older) Harry Potter fans set about writing their own versions of what they wanted to happen eventually. I know I did. After writing various pieces of Harry Potter related rubbish, I decided to turn my hand to something original. Some of it survives today, but whether I ever want to finish it is another story.

As the years have gone by, other books have taken the place of J.K Rowling’s inspiration (not that I don’t look up to her anymore, just that the genre of story that I write has never really¬† been fantasy). I look everywhere, from modern books to non-fiction to find inspiration.

The reason why I write has probably changed quite a lot over the years, but I’ve never denied the fact that when I finish some books I put them down wishing that I had written them myself. To be able to create something that people will read and hopefully remember is something that I strive to do. The idea of holding my book as a tangible product and not just as sheets with scribbled notes is also something I really want to happen one day.

But ultimately, most writers write for themselves. I know at times I have, only so my characters would leave me alone!

Current word count: 33, 851
Currently reading: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.


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