Just as a note: This may not be quite up to scratch as my other posts. I apologise.

Hello folks!
(If there’s anyone actually reading this, because sometimes I feel that there isn’t…)

Today I’m going to be briefly talking about every writer’s well known friend, procrastination! Yay!

According to Google’s “define” feature, procrastination means: “The act of putting off or delaying an action to a later time.” Although really, it’s not just writers who are good friends with procrastination. Students most certainly are too.

An example of procrastination, or an expert procrastinator, would be me. When I was handwriting this post, I was putting it off by reading the newly relaunched NaNo forums. The act of writing this post itself and reading the forums is me procrastinating from either a) writing or b) doing more planning for next month. Seriously? If procrastination was a degree subject, I’d get a freakin’ first baby!

On the plus side, when I procrastinate, I do write things to avoid what I’m supposed to be writing. Woohoo. Other things I like to do to avoid doing what I’m meant to be doing include: reading (whether that be books, forums or whatever), writing other things, playing games (Sims Social, Puzzle Quest etc), tidying my desk or reorganising something, watching TV/DVDs, or I just mess around on Facebook/the internet etc. (Actually, on the TV/DVDs note –  I have DVDs on in the background a lot when I write. Or music, but I think I concentrate a lot better when there’s a DVD going. With music,  I tend to stop and change the track too much. DVDs I just let run.)

I always get things done (I’m good like that) even if they’re not as good as they could be. I do try really hard though, it just never seems to be good enough. Oh well.

I don’t think procrastination is always a bad thing. Sometimes you just need a break from whatever it is you’re doing or you’re stuck or you just can’t concentrate (this is me, most of the time to be honest). I don’t know really. Some people procrastinate, some people don’t. I think at the end of the day, as long as you get everything done on time, a little procrastination is just fine.

That’s all this time folks.

Word count: 369 words.
Currently reading: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – J.K. Rowling.



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4 responses to “Procrastination!

  1. I actually majored in this 🙂
    This is my greatest enemy & one that I don’t think I will ever really beat!

  2. personally i think writing procrastination is a direct result of

    a) not having a specific, dedicated, quiet, non-interrupted daily time set aside for only writing with no other program open on the computer
    b) lack of a writing plan, whether it be a plot plan or outline.

    but that’s my idea, not the world’s

    • kenounirenashin

      Some people don’t use writing plans though – some people are pure “pantsers” – not everyone plans. Nor does everyone write in quiet. But, I know your opinion is a common one. It’s something I’ve read in a lot of books and so on and so forth.

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