Many web sites and books have already said that self-compassion is the new self-esteem. Although, it is better in so many ways that it can’t really be defined by words. You see, self-esteem is dependent upon what you do and DON’T have. Making comparisons with yourself. Self-compassion, and compassion, is not; this magical word literally means to ‘suffer with.’ Meaning you are on a more understanding level with not just yourself, but others around you. Compassion; it was a word I never really understood until a few months back. There’s entire books on what it is and what it means. I can only cover the very basics of it here unfortunately.

To quote Horace Walpole: “The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.” For me, I have personally found it to work the other way around. Completely. Thinking too much makes me do more mistakes and I frett about them. If I feel about something, wholeheartedly; I couldn’t care less about making mistakes. So long as it has the impact I intended it to have.

Self-compassion’s main point is to stop criticizing yourself and address how you can care and/or comfort for the current situation(s) to make a better, stronger you.

Lady GaGa even confessed to spending fifteen minutes a day thinking compassionate thoughts. She swears that it helps keep her feelings for others and her self in check with the way the world operates.

An artist’s job is to express their feelings through their chosen medium; whether it be a painting, film, sculpture, writing etc.

After just watching ‘The Freedom Writers’ movie, I found that my ‘Dreamers’ short story had little value, until now. It expresses my feelings and outlook on the world I live in right now. Maybe too much. So maybe this is a better piece of writing from an artist’s point of view? I fear people will see what it is and use it against me for some reason. I felt I lost the point in writing it part of the way through. But it’s actually clever when I looked back over it; from my point of view. I’m betting people don’t like it but I couldn’t give a toss because it is a story written for one purpose; for me to enjoy. And I really needed editing practice before I go on to the more important story in mind.

‘Dreamers’ is a story I KNOW people feel like in this world. I’m no different to anyone else, after all; relating to that, self-compassion is also said to be accepting your humaneness in life; and this is definitely reflected in ‘Dreamers.’

The movie I mentioned earlier that I watched inspired me deeply. Inspiration is to stimulate or arouse the mind and feelings; empowerment is to equip (another) with an ability; If you, the audience, gets both from a piece of art, then you have one fucking amazing artist! To help others help themselves is a gift. One that should not be overlooked.

For an artist, the cycle works like this: Inspiration from other artists = motivation and stimulation to express feelings in their own art; the audience is inspired and some times empowered, or both. And so, restarts the circle again.

Next week I am posting every single title idea I have in my ‘idea book.’ And there is a lot. It was thirty three last time I counted but I added some more since then. Then the week after I will be revealing the titles of the collection I mentioned earlier on in the blog. Then I will go in to a very short summary of what each is about the weeks after, explaining each idea. People may be able to steal my idea! But they can’t replicate the way I THINK 😛

Till next time.


Word count: 20, 034

Reading: The Alchemist and The Angel

Author: Joanne Owen



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