Cheat Sheets

Okay, so it was late when I wrote the last post. NaNoWriMo is in November, so those interested can still do it this year. In fact, I’ll be participating myself so we can do it together and share our progress here. Won’t that be fun?

Dedicated followers of the blog will notice that this post is late. Very late. Saturday-late. Is that my fault? Naturally, I’ve been busy doing things. Am I going to admit it? We’re writers, we never admit our own fault to others! I could sound off an excuse about it being a lesson to teach you all the result of procrastination and such, which this paragraph serves to be, so I will. We’re all friends here.

I had a great idea for this week’s post, but as it’s late I’m going to link you to some EXTREMELY useful writing guides instead. Seriously.

10 Words You Need To Stop Misspelling
How To Use An Apostrophe
What it means when you say Literally
The Three Most Common Uses of Irony
When to use I.E. in a sentence
How to use a semicolon

When making revision guides or making reminders, this is the sort of “cheat sheet” you should consider. The more memorable, the better.

With regards to The Oatmeal.


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