Thee List of Ideas.

This week’s word count has been the lowest ever in a long time. I havn’t wrote one word in any of my fiction stories. But the spark is back and I am itching to start writing again tomorrow. I have a feeling that’s what I will be doing all day. So the word count at the bottom will be exactly the same as last week.

I thought I would tell you why I write, exactly: For me, as I am a simple specimen, I write for mainly escapism. I write for myself. For my characters, for my story. I feel as if I can be myself and not have to worry when I do. I stopped writing this week because my writing was getting worse. I showed a lack of concern for the story, and I don’t know why? But it is back. I absolutely care for it now!

Below is the list of every idea I have come up with; but these are only working titles for the majority. Some of you may recognize them, some may not. There will be a star: * next to some ideas. This is because these are the ones I am taking consideration to write, or am going to write — at some point, or I am writing and editing at the present time. And this list is in no particular order:

  1. Moon Gate
  2. Curable
  3. Mental Truth
  4. Voices
  5. Scars and Stitches*
  6. Why Ask Why?
  7. The Straight Curse
  8. Bonds
  9. Blind Fate
  10. Numbers
  11. Spiritual Healer
  12. The Night-Taker*
  13. Musical Memories
  14. Puddle
  15. Open
  16. Dante and Dimitri*
  17. Mites
  18. Imperfect Perceptions
  19. 13th Century
  20. Harpy
  21. Button’s? (I am still debating whether to cross this off the list completely. I honestly don’t care for it, anymore.)
  22. Gateway
  23. Dreamers*
  24. Worse Than Dead
  25. Beings That Matter Pt. 1
  26. Beings That Matter Pt. 2
  27. The Wolf and Owl
  28. The Fatal Femmes*
  29. The Sword and the Tear*
  30. The Nexus Chamber*
  31. Choices
  32. The House of Mirrors*
  33. Mannequin
  34. Elephant Girl*
That’s all for today. I know this is a brief post but the next ones will be substantial. But not too big, mind.
Word count: 20, 034
Currently reading: Chocolat
Author: Joanne Harris

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