My Sensitive Soul; The Stories It Creates.

There is a lot to talk about on this post. But I am not one to ramble on too much on blogs. I like to get to the point. And this will too, just like any other blog post out there worth reading.

I was incredibly emotional when I was younger. Sensitive. Still am. I would be lying if I could say I could control my  heightened emotions. I seriously cannot! They come at unexpected times mostly. I used to cry about stupid things when I was about eight and upwards. I can’t explain why in all honesty.  I not only feel my own pain, but the pain of all the others around me, and I don’t know why I can’t separate them. Never have been able to. I suppose you could say I have an extreme level of compassion.

As a dyslexic I see things from many different points of view. Most people didn’t understand me a lot back in school. That hasn’t changed. Can’t say that I understood myself till recently. But what I have learned in the last few months is nothing short of an amazing journey of self discovery.

Some may already know I do secret studies; no secret to them, obviously. But to most they are. I usually read in and around a subject that isn’t very commercial, as it goes, and read a lot about it. It helps me formulate my own hypothesis. And now that I have some sort of a degree, I am allowed to argue about existing research that stands published in the world. Yay.

I have found not only what dyslexia is, and how to use it to my advantage. But also that I am a visual-spatial learner. They overlap in a lot of artists, apparently.

Here is a really good site if any of you are interested to know what visual-spatial learners are about:

Now I will explain the first idea on the list I blogged last week, ‘Scars and Stitches’. I will briefly explain what this idea is about.

Three very different people not of the same age are connected by their injuries (hence the ‘Scars and Stitches’ title) from a recent accident they all shared together. They get to know one another.

The story switches between a parallel world, where the same people are mirrored in a slightly different way, and the world we all know and live in right now. This (other) fantasy world, along with the other three characters share a bond with the these mirrored three humans. A one that could change their lives forever. And it is connected by their Scars and Stitches; where the truth is revealed; Something that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Currently Reading:


Author: Joanne Harris


Author: Dr. Krstin Neff

Current word count: 21, 600


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