The Next Idea.

I have been thinking about whether I should next work on my ‘Scars and Stiches’ idea, briefly explained in the last post, or this one. I have gone down the list a bit so that I can explain this idea. It is called: ‘The Sword and the Tear’.

The story focuses on an antique buyer; this woman (yet to be named) has never been fond of swords — or any thing to do with war or violence for that matter. But she is drawn to this 13th century, medieval sword at the auction instantly. The silver hilt shines, teasing her with its old yet simple design.  Loosing all sense, she bids 30,000 pound determined to win against another woman of her own age: fifty. The protagonist wins. No surprise there.

The woman goes to pick it up at the end of the auction, and as she physically touches this sword she drops down — fainting. She is rushed to the hospital and her grandson (30 years of age) is told she is in a coma; unlikely to ever come out again. They leave her on the machines to keep her alive for a time. She is dead looking to the physical world, yet alive in her own mind.

In the coma is where her past is revealed to her from her ancestors. And that by the end, she knows the sword was going to get to her one way or another. That is the will of the sword, after all.

When she wakes, the sword next to her bed is grabbed by her. And a single tear falls from her cheek upon the unsheathed blade. The sword shines. She holds it up. People run to her room, but they are too late. She is gone.

The sword took her back  to the thirteenth century. Where she must right a wrong that will forever change the future for every generation in her family that has been — and is yet to come.

Damn. I wanna write it now haha. I am trying to keep these brief enough so if people do steal the idea they don’t know which route I will be taking exactly. Hope you enjoyed it! I will be returning and blogging in exactly seven days from today with another idea. My brain never stops looking for them, unfortunately.

Till next time


Word count: 26,827


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