The Research Thread. And Yes, There Is Another Idea!

When I look back at what I remembered of my first ever novel I wrote (which doesn’t exist now because I wrote and deleted it at 13), I  noticed something a little unusual that I have picked up along the way.

This unusual thing was that I used to explain all my concepts except for one in all my stories — at least not fully. It still made sense. However, in the next story I would write I would pick the idea based around that exact concept I actually knew or know a lot about from research. My brain told me it would work best in another idea. The bizarre thing is that I didn’t even realise I was doing this, seems to be  a pattern of my subconscious emerging. So I didn’t use information twice in two separate ideas.

When I look closely at my previous stuff I could see that I jumped to a completely different idea that was in fact connected in a strange sort of way. I could see what I was researching at the time, and what was going to be used next from my research — And I call this the ‘research thread’.

My ideas are as good as my research. So I make sure I do a lot of it.

They say humans are the most dominant species in the world because we are just okay — but at a lot of different things; instead of being good or great at just a few.” Which I can believe! So when it comes to research I try to spread in to as many different areas as possible. I am now writing about things that never interested me a few years ago (before researching them) but now the words are as enthusiastic as I am about the topics.

This weeks idea is very basic at heart. And I am not going to lie; it has very graphic scenes of a sexual nature — with two guys — or should I say vampires? It even has the simple title of ‘Dante And Dimitri’.

My sexed up version of vampire love focuses on controlling humanities grip; getting rid of guilt, stop becoming attached to humans. The usual boring stuff. But a lot of the story will be set in a school ran by vampires, for vampires.

Not a school as you or me would know! But a one set at where vampirism first started: Greece – and it is in a temple run by a goddess who is still living to this very day in physical form; and the vampires lives survive by appeasing this goddess in the most unusual way.

I know this is my weakest post so far. I will step it up next week! I promise.

Current word count: 30, 007


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