There will be no weekly blogs next week as it is our university graduation next Wednesday! Exciting!

So, it is officially week three of NaNoWriMo. I know you’re probably bored of it by now (I’m getting that way sometimes), but as I haven’t really talked about my personal experiences with it and as the next thing I’m going to do after writing this, is crack on with my nano novel, I thought I’d tell you how I’m finding it.

It’s currently day 15 of Nano and I have 27,205 words (as you will no doubt see below). Because I like word count maths (the only type of maths I like) here’s some sums. To write 50,000 words in one month, NaNo expects you to write at 1,667 words a day at the least. By day 15 you are supposed to have written 25,000 words. As you can see I’m ahead by 2,205 words. Not a lot, but better than being behind.

I tried to do NaNo last year but the fact that I was in the middle of writing my book and had a dissertation and essays to work on didn’t help at all. I wrote about three pages and the fact that I had no plot hindered me completely. This year I found myself much more prepared.

A week before NaNo started I only had one character name and no plot whatsoever, just a vague setting. One day I was at work and had a strike of inspiration. A murder mystery. Now I’m writing it, the focus isn’t really on the murder, while it is important, the way that it makes the family that become involved with it begin to fall apart is much more important. The plot has gone in a different way to how I first imagined it but I think that’s better. I did have a rather awful moment when 600 words about a cricket match disappeared from the document and I found myself rewriting it at 1am. I don’t like cricket.

I didn’t even know who the murderer was until last week.

It’s going well.

See you in two weeks!

NaNoWriMo word count: 27,205
Current word count: 51, 848
Currently reading: Hurricane Gold – Charlie Higson


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