Making the Ordinary — Extraordinary.

Today I am going to share a technique I use all the time to come up with new ideas. I will leave the rest of my ideas from ‘thee list’ till the 1st of December onwards.

Look around you. Not just right now but on the street when you walk. In someone’s house. In a public building, area. Anywhere really. And do exactly what the title of this post says: Turn the ordinary extraordinary.

For example lets take a… post office for instance. How can we make this exiting, looking at it from a new angle? Maybe it could be the very post office that Princess Dianna last visited, mailing a letter of something not yet known, but vitally important; and maybe it is lost, trapped or hidden there. I don’t even know if royalty do such things but the possibility of connecting an everyday mundane job and turning it around can relate to EVERYONE — because it is that very thing — mundane. We can imagine every time we enter a post office after reading such a story of that happening because we are in that scenery, that area. Our brains relate to the everyday tasks we do.

Even better lets take a pub. Everyone drinks in pubs, right. Even if it is only soft drinks some times. What if the glasses used there where washed in some fountain of youth formula, that was in fact making the customers age backwards. All of them. Yet again we can relate to this, even if we only see a pub on the street. You see where I am going with this yet?

I came up with most of my ideas using this technique, and I have only just realised I was doing it. Hope this can help some of you people out there come up with exiting new ideas. At the end of the day there are no new ideas. So take something that exits, and put your own unique twist on it. Sometimes two separate ideas create a great single one. So don’t jump in to things too quickly.

Till next time.


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