Why I love (Young) James Bond.

And we’re back!

Graduation was a success and now we are all suitably qualified to write on this blog!

So, instead of talking about Nanowrimo (a day and a half left, for those of you who are lagging behind!), I am going to talk about my ultimate guilty pleasure novels: Young Bond.

I understand that I am completely out of the demographic for the books, but there is something about them that makes me hurry through the pages to find out what messes James will get himself in and out of next.

There are five books all together (not enough, in my opinion) and each sees James finding himself on some outlandish adventure, usually quite far away from Eton. The most recent Young Bond book that I read was set in Mexico and involved a rather large storm, a bunch of gangsters and an island where criminals went to hide from the police with a policy of ‘once you are here, you do not leave’.

Bond purists may have issues with someone creating a back story like this that Fleming did not originally intend for their hero, but as each book progresses, the reader sees James change little by little into something closer to the original Bond. As he gets older, he becomes more aware of danger and whilst in the first book, Silverfin, he takes it upon himself to find out what is happening, by Hurricane Gold, the fourth book, he is dragged into it somewhat unintentionally. Obviously, the heroic tendencies inside of him take over, but for once, he didn’t go looking for an adventure.

The Young Bond novels are not groundbreaking literature, but I never wanted them to be. For me, James Bond is about daring adventures, spies, danger and villains and that is exactly what I get from Young Bond.


OK, I lied, we are going to talk about Nanowrimo quickly! The last week for me and Nanowrimo was a battle of wills. I missed four days while at graduation and thought that I would never get back on target. One early morning (3am…) writing session later and the climax of the story had been written. I couldn’t stop. I wrote 5,000+ words that day and crossed the 50,000 mark. I’ve got one or two scenes left to round off the story and then it’s all done.

NaNoWrimo 2011 – SUCCESS!


NaNoWriMo word count: 51, 917
Current word count: 51, 848
Currently reading: Join Me – Danny Wallace.


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