Christmas Is Near, Open Your Advent Calendars.

I am a person who likes to live in the moment. Don’t get me wrong, I am a ruthless planner – especially when it comes to cleaning. I apply the same habbits to writing, but I like to rebel too.

Oh, I really am a rebel at heart. Why else would I choose to write stories when I am dyslexic? Why would I choose to believe and have faith in god when I’m gay?

Because of the countdown to Christmas I have decided to share with you the last page of the novel I am working on. Hold on. I bet you  are all thinking, what the hell? But I have done all the complex parts. I am only writing the battle scenes at the moment. I forgot how hard they are to write. But I have few things on my side that I didn’t before. So I know I can do it.

That’s enough of me talking crap. This is a short extract, but technically, it is the last page. Hope you enjoy. Here it is:

Twenty years or so passed. Matilda’s mother gone, deceased. The priest dead. Tom now middle aged.

The storyteller, Matilda – a new mother. She held her child in her arms for the first time at home. Her partner looked at her as she told the story her mother told so many times. The one she couldn’t forget – wouldn’t forget. It was nearing the end of the tale.

“It was said the Edeolon warriors bodies were cast in to the sky after the battles were over. June 15th was the day this all happened – a day we were given our lives back again. Each warrior made in to a star, from the star magic the priest possessed, and a little help the Astorian’s gave. Nobody ever saw him do so. He just told people that was what he done. And it was good enough for everyone to believe. Little did Reetho and Drage know, the wish they made on the shooting star two months before, in Ensin, was the exact same; to remain with each other – in happiness. If you were to go out at night today, and look up, you will see them side by side; Drage and Reetho; as stars. They remained the brightest stars of all. Their souls now at peace. Just like all the Edeolons, and the ones before them.”

Their story was told for thousands and thousands of years after their death. The Edeolon Warriors became a legend among all planets; a hope that brought light from the most unlikely of places.

Brenda told this legend to her daughter Matilda almost every night for years. And her daughter, to hers – and to her. It continued, spread. Soon it was the most known story among all races. And it continued for many more generations to come. The story, or legend – exactly as it was – never grew old. But in the end, all that matters – is Peace exists. Finally.

Word count: 40,000

Currently reading:

The Myths and Legends of Celts

Author: Charles Squire

The Creature in the Case

Author: Garth Nix


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