Bah Humbug?

After a fantastic graduation last week, we have returned to give you your weekly dose of literature-based love! Hooray!

As we roll round into the Christmas season – and yes, not the holiday season, the CHRISTMAS season, when we open our advent calenders, murder each other in shopping centres for the best presents and use way too many commas in sentences, it’s almost impossible to get images of mistletoe and wine out of our head. Today’s post is a special Christmas-themed post about the magic of Christmas when used in your writing. We’ve all seen the Nightmare Before Christmas and Elf and all the happy holiday movies that you’re not supposed to watch the rest of the year but do anyway because hey, funny movie.

No doubt there are sugarplums dancing in your head and inspired by your favourite Christmas movies, you might get the urge to write something so amazing that Christmas itself will honour your work as a the true testament to the season and make you a timeless champion of nativity! No.

You will be tempted. Heck, you might even NaNoWriMo it, but what of the editing stage? Christmas isn’t a theme like Horror or Fantasy, it’s a time of year, an event. Unless it’s a short story, you’re going to receive a massive paycheck or you suffer from dancing Santa syndrome and feel Christmassy all year round, it’s just not going to keep you mentally stimulated for long into January. You could write the draft this year and clean it next year but we’ll be honest: would you really want to do that?

This sounds like a massive pile of Bah Humbug, but it’s for your own good. Classics like A Christmas Carol are classics for a reason. You have to have a special mindset to be able to make it work and if you have extraordinary writing talent in other genres, it’s too risky.

It’s good to be back. Until next week, folks!


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