I’m currently sitting surrounded by Christmas tree decorations and am listening to the soundtrack of the Muppet Christmas Carol (BEST. CHRISTMAS. FILM. EVER.) so it must be said that I am feeling suitably festive.

I love this time of year, not because of the freezing cold weather or the snow, but because Christmas makes people rally around and come together. I think unity is a very important thing at Christmas and I like it when people enter into the spirit of such things. Also, it’s the time of year you can listen to cheesy Christmas songs and sing carols. (I love carols, I’m not sure why.)

I suppose I should try to link this into writing somehow!  I think my Christmas gift is to take a break for a while after rushing out nearly 55,000 words for Nanowrimo. My mum is reading it at the moment and we’re discussing it as we go, so I have sort of started the editing process already. Because it’s a murder mystery, I can’t tell her ANYTHING. It’s quite annoying as usually I get stuck and go to her to see if we can work anything out. It’s quite fun this way though.

I’ve never been one of those people who will read the same Christmas story every year, but I will tell you about some of my Christmas traditions:

  • We must watch Muppets Christmas Carol (We have watched it every year since my sister got it on video for her 7th birthday or something!)
  • The carol concert at the church where our Brownies meet. I missed it one year and was really angry.
  • Taking the Brownies to the pantomime. I usually go in thinking I’m going to hate every second, but I get into it by the end.
  • Buying my Dad a novelty reindeer gift.
  • Getting out the chubby nativity! This year they actually have a stable.
  • Tree presents. We have our main presents and then in the evening have little presents from under the tree that were around £1 – £3.

See you next week with hopefully something more exciting!

Current word count: 51, 848
Currently reading: Join Me – Danny Wallace.


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