My writing space.

So, this blog post is probably going to be mostly image heavy. Here goes.

This is my main writing space, which is actually my mum’s craft table in the corner of the living room. I used to have this computer in my bedroom but wanting to write my book on a proper computer and not wanting to be anti-social meant I moved it into the living room so I could write, but also not lock myself away like a hermit.

Side view shows pretty much the same, but does showcase the rather fabulous ‘doughnut’ chair that I have. It was a good idea at the time but I would probably benefit a lot from a chair with arms. I didn’t really think it through at the time!

This is my current set up. As you can probably see from this photo I wasn’t writing at the time but that little pile of paper to the left of the screen is actually my notes for my novel so it’s not all bad. I’ve taken to sitting with my laptop (on it’s little stand) on the coffee table so I can watch endless DVDs while working (my back is to the TV when I sit at the desk). Last week it was Jonathan Creek series one keeping me company.

SIDE VIEW! So this shows really my number one essential thing for writing – water. I probably only sit and drink water when I’m trying to think of something to happen, but that’s not all bad, is it?

And lastly – the close up. Yes, my background is Sherlock playing the violin – move on, nothing to see here.


Current word count: 62, 046
Currently reading: The Return of Captain John Emmett – Elizabeth Speller.


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