And this is where the magic happens.

Hello again folks!

Much like Lil’s post yesterday, my post today is also going to be about my writing space. I’ll even provide a picture for you, hang on… Here we go:

My Writing Space

And this is where the rabbits get pulled out of the hat.

So, that’s my desk. You can see my computer there, and a space on the desk in front of it where I can handwrite, or do whatever. I was handwriting before I started writing this (as I may have mentioned before, I normally handwrite all my posts before I type them up – sort of a first draft if you will) – which is evident by the pad of paper on the desk in front of my keyboard there. I can, move my keyboard closer if I need to, it’s not stuck up there. You can also see my mouse to the right of the paper. I love that thing – as long as the power is on, parts of it light up and then those lit up bits scroll through different colours. It’s awesome.

What else can you see there? My printer; then some of the boyfriend’s collectible things. To the right, some things from Killzone 3 and a bobble head of The Riddler from Batman. To the left, my lamp, a statue of The Bat himself, a metal worked Boba Fett (which you can’t see that clearly to be honest). And then, lots of various stuffed toys (mostly Blue Nosed Friends) around the computer and lots of junk. Lots of papery or pen shaped bits of junk.

I’m quite fond of my desk. It’s a corner desk, so it’s tucked away and it has, as you can maybe see, lots of cubby holes, a small cupboard and a small CD rack. Under the desk is just as good – lots of cubby holes there too, where I keep things I don’t need as much – some folders, printer paper, old chunky headphones, game guides etc. Actually, there are two little boxes under my desk – a wicker basket and an old shoebox I stole from the boyfriend. They’re both full of recently brought notebooks that I can’t get on the bookcase next to my desk or in the box under the bed. (To be honest, I probably could get them in the box under the bed, but that means sorting the box out and I can’t be bothered.) Although – the shoebox is filled with notebooks that still have their plastic wrapping on them, so I guess that’s not too bad really.

Another reason I like my desk is because of all the space in front of the keyboard and monitor. It means I can use my computer to watch things and still write at the same time. (The TV we have in our room is behind me otherwise, so then I’d have to sit on the bed to write and I try not to use the bed for anything other than sleeping.)

Erm. I don’t have much more to say on that really!

In other news – I’m almost caught up with the leftover words from my NaNo fanfic – I should be finished by Monday maybe, at the latest (that’s adding in the fact that I’m working both days over the weekend and the last thing I want to do when I get in is sit down and write – all I want to do is come home, change, eat and then go to sleep so… You do the maths.) Once that is done; I’m going to attempt to catch up on the ‘short story a day’ thing. After that… Who knows?

Reading wise; nah, nothing really.

Regular life? Er, yeah; I’m probably not going to keep my job at the end of the month, but… We’ll see. I’m not going to hold my breath at all. So, back to the job hunting I go. Joy ¬_¬

That’s about it really! I’ll see you next week.

Danni x

Word count: 659 words.


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