A few things.

So, this evening I am feeling rather uninspired so I will just share a few thoughts with you.

Last week I finished my novel (…again) and it clocked in at around 70,000 words. I’m still not completely satisfied with it but maybe letting it sit a little longer and going to back to it as a whole at last might make me see it is actually all right after all!

I’m throwing some ideas around my head at the moment of what to write next. One idea that will probably get written at some point is the sequel to my nanowrimo novel featuring some of the same characters travelling around Europe, though something tells me that I may need to do a lot of research before I actually start writing at all. I’m also formulating various ideas for a novel set entirely on trains/at train stations.

I have a lot of little ideas kicking around that are only mere ideas or lines. The ‘write something everyday’ thing is going quite well. I’m a few days behind at the moment but mainly because I’m rather lazy at times.

Reading wise I’m reading books 4 & 5 of this year. I read a lot at work when nothing is happening and at night because I’m an awful sleeper. Like I said a few weeks ago I’m trying to read at least 39 books this year and if I keep up at this rate I may just make it.

I’m finding myself in a bit of a writing slump again, finding inspiration in things I have watched or read that day. For example, I watched the film The Prestige the other day, which is about two magicians/illusionist and the next day my short story was about an illusionist. Go figure.

So, that’s all for now. Hopefully will have something a little more insightful next week.


Currently reading: More Awkward Situations For Men – Danny Wallace
The Moving Toyshop – Edmund Crispin


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