Et moi!

First and foremost, I wish to apologise for a lack of update last Friday. Family events, medical situations and poor pre-planning got in the way. I know that’s no excuse, hence I’m sorry.

Last week Lil and Danni shared their writing zones with you: their places of comfort where they let their words and their imaginations flow. By comparison, I’ve decided to dedicate this post to doing the same for your amusement. So without further ado, lock up your daughters, say goodbye to your pets and brace yourselves for a bumpy ride.

Talk about an anticlimax, huh?

Let’s start with the obvious. My workspace is nowhere near as organised or tidy as Lil or Danni’s. There are gaming controllers propped up by a Rubix’s cube, numerous amounts of spare batteries, a copy of the American Idiot cast recording, a word a day box calender, various pens and such, I could go on (but I won’t because I value my existence). Despite what family, friends and time travellers believe however, I am capable of finding any object in my room when asked. Even a pen. Especially a pen.

I’ll get to the point. Yes, I procrastinate. Yes, this may affect writing time. No, it doesn’t affect quality. Most of my writing is done on paper while out and about these days (not including typing it up or editing) so that’s not an issue as such. One thing all this “mess” provides is a comfort zone. Surprisingly enough, people work well in a comfort zone. Why am I admitting all this? In the next few weeks, I’ll be rearranging my room, half for the fun of a new perspective and half because it’ll be a good excuse for a clearout. When it happens, be sure to tune in for a comparison post.

Writing in your comfort zone is like sleeping away from home with a pillow that smells like home. People look at you strangely when you explain it to them, but it makes sense.


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