A review, I guess: the Pilot Pluminix.


So, I’m sitting here feeling very uninspired (again) today. I know I said that I was going to write about my fountain pens today, but… That takes more energy and organisation than I have right now. And it requires a lot of internet use, which I can’t currently do due to a massive game update that I’m trying to download. (It’s taking forever and it’s really annoying.) But that’s another complaint for another blog.

So anyway… What to tell you… What to tell you…

I could tell you about my new found love of the italic fountain pen nib… It really is a beautiful thing – it makes words look really lovely.

Now, I don’t have any handwriting samples for you because a) I’m not that organised and b) my handwriting is absolutely awful. I don’t have a photo of my own personal pen that I’m about to tell you about either because I think that the links I’ll put at the bottom of this entry have good enough pictures – better than anything I could ever take.

Anyway, I discovered this nib type purely by accident. I purchased a tub of ‘random’ Pilot pens and inside this tub was a Pilot Pluminix (mine has a pink barrel, if you’re interested, but it does come in other colours.) I looked at it, thought it was cute and put it aside. It wasn’t until recently that I put an ink cartridge in it – I was on a quest to have each of my fountain pens hold a different coloured ink.

I paid £4.99 for that tub of pens. The Pilot Pluminix retails about about £4.99 or £5.99 at the least. Well worth it I think – considering the fact that I got the Pluminix and a good… Ten to fifteen other pens in that tub.

So; the pen. It’s small, but not tiny. I mean, it’s usable at least – even for me and my somewhat largish hands. The cap has two little protruding bits so the pen doesn’t fall or roll off of any surface you put it on, and the nib is a 1mm – I think. Maybe a 1.1mm, but I’m not sure. I really don’t have an accurate enough item to measure the nib properly. Either way, there’s an M stamped on the nib, which would classify it as a medium nib, but it is also an italic nib because the end of completely flat – not pointed or with those little “ball” like bits on the end like you get on a regular fountain pen nib.

And, it (the nib) makes a difference to your handwriting, it really does. I adore fountain pens, and I love the italic nib. I’m not sure, but I think the italic nib is the same as a calligraphy nib, but, as I said, I’m not completely sure so don’t quote me on that.

The Pluminix isn’t for everyone, because, frankly, it’s a tad on the girly side, even in the more masculine barrel colours and because of the small size of the thing. The nib however… If you want to try an italic nib, the price of the Pluminix is pretty good for a “try it and see” piece.

It’s because of this pen that I want to get a Lamy Joy – that’s classified as a calligraphy pen, I think, but it’s still a ‘flat’ nib like the Pluminix. I haven’t made a decision on this yet – I’m still thinking it over so, we’ll see,

I think, the only places to get a Pilot Pluminix would be online stores. I know I haven’t seen any in any of my local brick and mortar stationery stores, so I’m guessing that online is the only place you can get one now. Try eBay or Amazon. (I would recommend CultPens but at the time of writing, they don’t sell the Pluminix. Either way, in general they’re a great online store to get almost any kind of pen. I am a repeat customer, so I highly recommend them.)

So yeah, that’s all I have to say on this topic really. Actually, that’s all I have to say in general today.

Unit next time!

Danni x

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