Jon is Back!

Hi to all of you again.  I am back for this week and have so much to say but I will try to cut out the fat and get to the point.

The four of us here on the blog are all writers, artists, inventors and readers. At least I would hope so. But we are all waiting for that defining moment – story – book. A story that will deliver our message(s) to the public through the magical world of fiction, hoping it will capture the hearts of many; and at the same time capturing our own. A very hard balance to achieve. And yet life is only about balance when you think on it.

I have recently finished and published my novella ebook called ‘Dreamers’. It took me seven drafts to get it somewhere close to where I wanted it to be. And if I’m honest it didn’t get where I wanted it to. But in five years time I will revisit it and make a new edition which will improve it overall because of the much more knowledge and wisdom of storytelling I will have then – well I can hope.

Moving on, here is two links to my novella on Amazon (in mobi format) and Smashwords (free PDF format):

I hoped and prayed a lot throughout the entire seven drafts; in fact there wasn’t a day I didn’t pray – for courage. I am a coward if I’m honest. I used to hold on tightly to my crosses around my neck and look at the computer screen. I felt overwhelmed many times because I thought this was just going to be another repeated failure in my life!

Sometimes I sat with my hands clutching at my crosses and cried, just staring in to space. “Is something actually going to go right for once?” I asked myself. Whether it was right or wrong is irrelevant. I actually finished the project. My first one! I would say I was proud of myself but I am not a proud person; maybe I am satisfied. Yeah, I suppose that will do.

Moving on; I have learned an ingenious method that works very well for me with editing and writing. It can also be applied to studying and absorbing any kind of information, or improving your focus and attention span. It is called the layer working method; and without it I wouldn’t have ever met the deadline I set for myself. I picked it up reading an ebook called ‘Reading Genius 2.0’.

It is said the brain works its best in layers. So it only makes sense that we time ourselves in intervals, rather than spending an entire day focussing on something and becoming overwhelmed by it.

Apparently there are four different timed intervals that jumps starts the brain, and it has to be in this exact order for it to work. The First one is below:

  • A forty-five minute interval.
  • Second is a twenty minute interval.
  • Third is a ten minute interval.
  • And the last is a one minute interval. I bet you’d be surprised how much you can get done in this one minute too.

You have to take a fifteen to twenty minute break between each interval, then carry on with the next. It increases focus and speed a lot. It did explain how it worked but I can’t remember 😦

So much for sticking to the point.

Anyway, I have spent hundreds of hours on my novella. It took me three month to write because I follow the slow and steady pace method with writing. Editing was much, much shorter, yet I worked longer hours. It wasn’t rare that I worked seven hours a day on it at one point.

Whilst I remember, I am writing something new called ‘A Tribal Guard’, and it is turning in to something incredibly exiting for me. It has definitely not been done before. People will see that if they read the entire thing in a few years.

Also I have latched on to some new ideas that sets the scene for my ‘Night-Taker’ story. And my ‘Beings That Matter’. I have definitely become obsessed, and fill a lot of my time in with connecting the dots from one story to another. But I love it all the same. I suppose you could relate it to the philosophy, to the truth – that everything is related to everything else in some way, (whether it is little or small doesn’t matter).

One of my newer ideas that stands out at the minute is called ‘The Feather’. This is kind of like a setting story for my ‘Night-Taker’ and ‘Imperfect Perceptions’ ideas. It’s another thing if I can write this though. As much as I want to, writing takes up a huge amount of time. Especially the way I do it – and it certainly doesn’t come easy to me at all!

I think it is both cliché and true that the end of something is always the beginning of something new. I say this because the end of my novella has given me sight in to what is meant to be in my fiction and storytelling. But it will not be revealed for a long, long time.

Thanks for reading

Jon x

Currently reading:

Living Dead In Dallas

Author: Chalaine Harris

Human, All Too Human: A Book For Free Spirits

Author: Friedrich Nietzsche


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