The plot.

It’s official. I’ve lost the plot.

Now, I mean, obviously, plot in the sense of a story writing tool. I haven’t gone insane. (Just yet.)

As I’ve mentioned in every post for about a month now, I’M WRITING SOMETHING NEW. Just so we’re clear. Now, as an extension of my nanowrimo novel, I’ve already got my main characters solidly in front of me. Auberon, Sache and Edwin are there for me to play with, to make do things they probably don’t want to do.

One problem, though.

No plot.

No plot.

No plot.

I’ve got a brief idea of what’s going to happen, and by brief I mean a page mainly of questions to try and help point me in the right direction. I also have half a scene of something that has to happen much, much later in the story. There’s a beginning, one mid point and no end. Maybe this is just my writing style.

I tend to dive into projects with no real idea of where the story is going to go. I think getting into the story and creating your characters and discovering how they interact with each other and the scenery around them is more important. During this process I usually have ideas for things that are going to happen later and plot points I think I want to use.

Planning isn’t really my strong point. When writing the first part of this story, I didn’t know who the murderer was until I was almost ready to write the reveal. It’s tricky.

The premise for this novel as I’ve mentioned before is European travelling. There hasn’t been any so far. There will be some soon.

I’ll work on it. I promise!


Current word count: 3,781
Currently reading: Prater Violet – Christopher Isherwood, The Invention of Murder – Judith Flanders, We Danced All Night – Martin Pugh.



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