Book Week.

Sometime soon, perhaps this week or next week, I’m going to do something I’m calling BOOK WEEK.

Essentially, Book Week will be a week (no, really?) where instead of sitting on various social networking sites, playing Fifa 09 on the Wii, watching horrendous TV programmes, I’m going to read instead.

I have far too many books, I know that and I feel like some of them need to be read at last. I also have two 400+ page library books that I really need to be reading before I have to take them back. I’ve already renewed them once.

I feel like we all spend too much time immersed in technology, reading from backlit screens and never looking up, always down at phones, iPods, iPads, games consoles and so on. While I really love technology, I like my laptop because of all the things it can do, I think I need to go back to the book, which when it comes down to it completely, really only has one function – being a book.

Literature has the ability to shock, to excite, to upset, to evoke possibly any emotion you can think of. I am a staunch supporter of the written word, there are times when nothing can beat it, and nothing should. A sentence can say so much, words can create and destroy. I think it’s time to head back there.

I’ve been reading Prater Violet by Christopher Isherwood this week. The first thing I must mention about Isherwood is that I wish I’d discovered him years ago. I’ve not read much of him yet, but intend to gobble up the rest of his back catalogue when I can. The best description I’ve read of his writing is that it is ‘beautiful but simple’, and it is. Isherwood has the ability to say so much in very few words. The last three or four pages of Prater Violet were absolutely brilliant.

So, Book Week – I shall let you know how it goes.


Current word count: 4,826
Currently reading: We Danced All Night – Martin Pugh, The Invention of Murder – Judith Flanders.


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