A little spring cleaning.

Hiya folks!

I hope you’re all well. I’m… Not too bad myself. I have tidied my desk though. A lot. I purchased some box files – an A4 one for magazine storage and two A5 ones for ‘bits and bobs’ storage and storage for the letters I receive from people. I do that – go a bit nuts with tidying sometimes. It helps clear a headache if I’m lucky. Other than that, it helps me relax if I’m feeling a bit antsy. And I get a cleaner desk as a result of it all. Result. Plus I kinda enjoy tidying sometimes. Tidying and sorting/resorting. So sue me.

I’ve had a terrible week in regards to writing though. Absolutely horrible. My Page A Day Project has died a quick and quiet death… But I did buy some new Biro pens to break up all the blue and black so maybe that will help. Plus, once I get going, I can do up to three or four pages at once, so it’s not bad. I should just get on with it really… I have so many to catch up on… I should set some goals; do a certain amount and reward myself with something. That might inspire some motivation.

Which, as you might be able to tell, I’m lacking again. Bah. I hate lacking in motivation… I still blame the half finished piece in my current notebook. (And why is it still half finished? Because I have a strong gut feeling that when I get back to writing it, it’s just going to end up turning into porn. Even though I’m trying to prevent that from happening.)

I still haven’t cracked open another new notebook, even thought I could just pluck on from the pile on my desk, grab a pen from one of the mugs on my left hand side, and scribble in the notebook. It’s really not that hard and yet… I haven’t done it yet. So I have no idea why I haven’t… I really should. I keep eyeing up a rather nice (bright) yellow Jottr notebook I brought. I’ve taken the plastic off of it, and I’ve even done some writing on the last page (pen testing to see what inks the paper likes). So, writing in the front shouldn’t be that hard, right? Right? Huh. Well, apparently it is.

Oh well, what can you do? I mean, everyone’s a little bit weird/quirky in a sense, right? I guess this is one of my (many) ways. It must be, and yet I don’t think that it’s a bad thing; I mean, I haven’t had anyone say anything bad about it. To me anyway. Behind my back? Oh, probably, but what you don’t know can’t hurt you. In theory anyway.

I do a lot of theorising – or maybe it’s just over thinking. I should write that stuff down more, it might help me get through my current journal faster. I do really dislike the notebook I’m using for my journal, which is probably why I don’t write in it as much as I do, but I won’t move to another notebook until the current one is full. I guess that passes onto my other notebooks too.

Anyhow… That’s enough of me rambling I think. I’ll put up another review when I write another one. Sorry about that… If anyone was enjoying those. They’re easy but they do take a little more time than the rest of my updating.

Until next time, keep writing.

Danni x

Blog word count: 459 words.


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