Finding time.

We may have discussed this before, but today is all about finding the time to write.

Recently, I got a (sometimes) full-time job. For the last few days/last week I haven’t felt at all motivated to write after spending all day sitting at a desk selling people tickets. I know that I need to be motivated and I need to keep writing but I find it incredibly difficult towantto write.

My story is interesting enough to keep me excited by it and for me to want to keep chipping at it, but sometimes coming home and doing nothing is all anyone wants to do. In the summer when I’m working properly full-time I am going to have to set aside an evening or  an afternoon where I write and all I will do is write. I found it hard enough motivating myself to write this post, if I’m honest.

I think writers need the time to sit and just write. It’s easy to formulate ideas on the train or at work but those aren’t ideal times to actually get anything written.

I am also going to try and start writing my blog posts in advance so they don’t end up like this every week.

Sorry this is so short and badly written, next week will hopefully be better!



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