A questionnaire for you :D

Hiya folks!

Well, we’ve all got a questionnaire for you to read this week. You get to read the exact same questions but with different answers. Yay! We got the questionnaire from this journal on DeviantArt.

Let’s get on with it then!

1. What led you to write?
Hm. I’m not completely sure. I know that I was very arty / crafty / imaginative as a child. I think that I’ve always enjoyed story writing – it was always my favourite type of English homework. I also always preferred staying in to write or draw during playtimes, or wet break or whatever. Other than that, I really don’t know. As I grew older though… It always just drew me to it. It’s not something I can’t remember the origins to. It’s also not something I can explain very well.

2. When did you start writing?
In school for homework assignments. Seriously, for myself / fun / other though? I didn’t really get “into” writing until I was in college (I can’t remember if it was first, second or third year but I was definitely back into it in second year) because I know I attended the college’s Creative Writing Group on Wednesday lunchtimes – at least for the most part. I discovered NaNoWriMo that year too. Boom. Hooked.

3. What does writing represent in your life?
Hm… I do a lot of it. Once I get going I can write quite a bit. It shows me that I can produce a lot. It’s creative and I enjoy it. I may not be that great at it but I enjoy it. I like to think that I’m a bit of a writing geek – a geek about the “craft” and about the things that are used in the craft – or, at least; the pens, the paper, the notebooks, the stationery. Not necessarily the technological side, more like the “old fashioned” side.

4. Are you happy with your current style?
Erm, I suppose so… Yeah, it’s alright. No writer is perfect – we’re all always learning and that includes me. Any writer that thinks they don’t have anything else to learn is either a liar or a fool in my opinion.

5. Do you do editing?
Er… Only for typos / repeated words / confused words (like bare instead of bear or whatever) and repeated information. Sometimes I’ll go back and rewrite something a while later but in general, no I don’t edit unless a bit of my writing annoys me. I don’t share my writing so I guess that I don’t feel like I need to edit too much.

6. Do you read about writing (creative writing books, grammar books…)?
Yes. I read books on Creative Writing – normally it can kick start my brain if I’m having a bit of a block.

7. Favourite genre?
To read? Erm. I prefer non fiction books actually, or.. I own some CSI novellas. Those are good. I can’t say I read crime other than that though. Erm… To be honest, I don’t really read much at the moment.

8. Favourite author(s)?
J.K Rowling because I grew up with Harry and his world, and how can I not love that? And, I kind of still love Jacqueline Wilson’s books. (Hush.) Other than that… I really don’t know.

9. Favourite book?
Oh crumbs. I don’t think I have one. At least, nothing immediately springs to mind. That’s quite sad really – I used to read all the time and I used to have a list of favourite books as long as my arm.

10. What do you prefer to write?
Fluffy, romantic fan fiction type stuff. Or, just fluffy romance. Like I said, I don’t really share my writing – it’s all for my eyes only. So I can write whatever I like without too much hassle.

11. Is there anything you can’t write?
~ Original fantasy or fantasy in general. I’m not great with the languages or the lore or… Whatever.
~ Slash (guy on guy stuff) – now, there’s nothing wrong with any of this at all, of course not, but I just can’t write it. I guess it’s because I’m a female and a bit.. Well, not clueless, because I know how it works, but more… A bit hopeless.
~ Historical fiction. I’m just not good with all the details and research.
~ Crime / murder mystery. Again, nope, just not that great at working it all out first >.<

12. What is the weirdest thing you have ever written?
Oh god. My university portfolio – first year? About six pieces of fiction all from different genres. My weirdest piece would have to be my lad lit / superhero one. Oh god…

13. Choose a topic: love, death, friendship. Now write a couple of lines about it.
Aw… Do I have to? The whole piece I wrote for the anthology was about death! Hmm…

Friendship is one of those things that honestly warms your heart, that makes you feel better when everything else is rubbish. Well, the right kind of friendship does. The wrong kind can rip you apart and destroy your faith.

Will that do?

14. Do you think you have influences from any professional writer? if so, which ones?
Erm, I honestly don’t know – I don’t think so. Not knowingly. I don’t think I’ve copied anyone’s style either.

15. Worst book you have read so far?
Twilight. Hands down. Ugh. I actually preferred the movie. Other than that, some of the stuff I had to read for uni was dull.

16. Why is it so bad, in your opinion?
Bella was attacked and nearly raped. This is mentioned once and then never again. She is practically suicidal when Edwards leaves (different book I think, but I only got half way through it) and never gets over it, whereas real girls bounce back eventually. Bella doesn’t until Edward returns. Ugh. That is a terrible example of a relationship. And the writing is just so basic and stupidly over descriptive of Edward. Yawn. As for the books for uni – they weren’t awful, just really not my kind of thing.

17. Choose one of your characters and describe them in 3 words.
Shelly: smart, creative, loyal.

18. Does your character feel ‘alive’?
To me, yes. God yes.

19. Could you kill this character?
No. No I couldn’t.

20. Do you hate any of your own characters?
Yeah. Shelly’s dad is a bit of a bastard.

21. Now, let’s be honest. Every writer has their own favourite creation: what’s your favourite story, out of everything you have written/planned to write? And character?
My piece for the uni anthology – about death from Death’s point of view. Easily. As for character? Shelly. I adore her.

22. Have you ever abandoned an idea for a story? Why?
No – I write all ideas down. Most of the time I don’t often get around to writing them.

23. Have you ever deleted a whole piece of work? Why?
No. I keep everything I write. And nowadays I handwrite everything so I definitely keep everything.

24. And finally: make up a completely original character right now and describe them briefly. It doesn’t even have to be human!
Squeak – a small blue dragon whelping who… Squeaks and is rubbish at breathing fire. He’s pretty much like a puppy; playful, curious,
loyal and protective, except he’s a more exotic, mythical creature.

Well… There we go folks! That’s all you’re getting from me this week, I’ve gone on enough.

Until next time,

~ Danni x

Word count: 1215 words.



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