1. What led you to write?

When I was a small child, I used to visit the library every Saturday with my mother and brother. It’s closed now, as has a lot of our childhood venues, but I spent hours browsing the books and discovering new genres. One of my favourites was the “choose your adventure” books, and the amount of control you had over telling the story hooked me. From there, I had a passion for storytelling and it wasn’t long before I began writing my own stories. 

2. When did you start writing?

When I was seven: see the above answer.

3. What does writing represent in your life?

It represents my creativity, and it represents everything else. It all depends on the individual piece of work. Most importantly, I suppose writing represents freedom.

4. Are you happy with your current style?

It needs a bit of work: there are a few minor grammatical inaccuracies that I need to take care of.

5. Do you do editing?

Naturally. A bad habit of mine is that I edit as I go, which takes a stupid amount of extra time.

6. Do you read about writing (creative writing books, grammar books…)?

Of course! I just finished reading Doctor Who: The Writer’s Tale – The Final Chapter, which is an insightful account of the former head writer of Doctor Who’s life around the time the last episodes were made. It taught me a lot.

7. Favourite genre?

Depends on the day. I try not to pin down my preferences too much, but if I had to choose (which I do) I’d pick Dystopian.

8. Favourite author(s)?

King, Lovecraft, to name but a few. It’d be a long list.

9. Favourite book?

Lord of the Flies – William Golding.

10. What do you prefer to write?

Honestly? What I feel like writing at the time. It changes.

11. Is there anything you can’t write?

Tattoos. They won’t let me near the needle.

12. What is the weirdest thing you have ever written?

Probably a piece of Doctor Who fan-fiction that involved a Dalek that believed it was pregnant.

13. Choose a topic: love, death, friendship. Now write a couple of lines about it.

Love: love is what you make of it. It’s a snowflake emotion.

14. Do you think you have influences from any professional writer? if so, which ones?

I’m of the belief that every writer is influenced by every author that they read. Some people tell me that my writing style is similar to Stephen King’s though. That’s a good thing, right?

15. Worst book you have read so far?

The Shell House – Linda Newbery

16. Why is it so bad, in your opinion?

The balance. I read it as part of a school group shadowing the Carnegie award for teenage fiction. The book switches between modern day and the past, telling the story of two gay people and their adventures into understanding who they are. I’m no homophobe but the execution was terrible: it spent upwards of four hundred pages leading up to the one event where the protagonist had sex, which (pardon the terrible phrasing) was a bit of an anti-climax. Heck, it wasn’t even clear what gender some of the characters were. It had a lot of potential and the themes have probably been portrayed several times better elsewhere.

17. Choose one of your characters and describe them in 3 words.

Thomas “Scope” Dewarth: venerable, cold-hearted, precise.

18. Does your character feel ‘alive’?

The character could do with some more fleshing out – he’s currently sat near the end of a story that I severely need to finish. However, he has a crucially important role.

19. Could you kill this character?

Yes, I could. His fate is less set in stone than most of the other characters in the novel though.

20. Do you hate any of your own characters?

Absolutely. Sometimes I scream at them and tell them to stop being stupid.

21. Now, let’s be honest. Every writer has their own favourite creation: what’s your favourite story, out of everything you have written/planned to write? And character?

It sounds like a question-dodge, but I honestly don’t know. I like Herald Augustus, the villain from another story of mine, but that’s only because he’s unique.

22. Have you ever abandoned an idea for a story? Why?

Many times, lack of faith.

23. Have you ever deleted a whole piece of work? Why?

Most of the fan-fiction I wrote is gone now. Call it a bad choice but I wanted to be free of it.

24. And finally: make up a completely original character right now and describe them briefly. It doesn’t even have to be human!

Gorvanusk – Traveller of the stars, slayer of the living, a telekinetic chameleon-skinned hybrid who can turn invisible and despises questionnaires. See? You despise him already.



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2 responses to “Cuestionario!

  1. Jon P. White

    So good! And funny; I spat out some of my coffee at one point hahaha Cheered me up a bit. Thank you fort that 🙂

  2. kenounirenashin

    Brilliant 😀

    A Dalek that believed it was pregnant? I think you win the weirdest piece award XD

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