A is for Auberon

This week heralds the start of a new theme, project call it whatever you like, for our blog. I think I shall call it The Alphabet Project.

Basically, each week for the next twenty-six weeks we will each tackle a letter of the alphabet, so get ready for twenty-six weeks of A, B, C’s.

So, as the title says, A is for Auberon.

Auberon is the main character of the murder mystery novel I wrote for nanowrimo and the (currently floundering in plot limbo) sequel. I had an interesting time naming him, purely for the fact that I named his brother first and then decided it didn’t want his brother to be the main character after all.

I have a tendency of giving my characters slightly unique names. I don’t go completely to town on this because my characters live in the real world. Now I know everyone reading this will be saying “but who names their child Auberon in the real world?”. Let me refer you to Auberon Waugh, son of Evelyn Waugh but a journalist and novelist in his own right. The names get stranger, but I won’t share them with you just yet.

I also like giving my characters unique surnames (well, one or the other really.) I don’t cement the names until I think they fit the character or the character and the environment. Auberon’s name fits his life and the era that he lives in, just as our names (sometimes) fit our lives.

The name of a character is sometimes the most important thing, think of some characters that summon up the life of that literary characters – one that comes to mind is Sherlock Holmes. The unique first name, the normal second name, it all works.

As for Auberon, I think I need to get back to his story and remember what it was about him and the characters that surrounded him that made me want to write more about them.

Until next time,


Currently reading: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins.



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