A is for… Addiction.

Hiya folks,

So yes. My ‘A’ word is “addiction.” This is relevant to the blog, I swear – don’t worry.

Stationery. Notebooks. Pens – specifically fountain pens. These are the things I’m addicted to. There are worse, much worse, addictions, and I have to keep reminding people of this.

I’m not exactly sure what it is about these things. I think maybe it’s because there’s so many different varieties of, essentially, the same products – so many different designs, colours, types of paper and types in general and so on. I don’t know. Maybe it’s because most of the notebooks and / or pens I like are actually fairly cheap and they brighten my day – they provide me with a bit of a “pick me up.” Ordering something as such online gives me something to look forward to – because I currently don’t have much in that department.

Maybe it’s because I write. Maybe not. Maybe I use the “I’m a writer” as an excuse. Maybe it’s none of these things. Maybe it’s all of them. Maybe it’s something completely different. I really, honestly, don’t know.

As I said, there are worse addictions. And at least I know where my money goes. There are some people who end up going out and ‘partying’ and drinking their money away; and then they wake up and wonder where all their money went. At least I can see where my money’s gone. (Most of it is currently under my desk actually; ha ha.)

My mother is sort of grateful that I’m into stationery and not… Drugs or drinking. She’s very lucky. Actually, while we’re on that topic… My boyfriend’s also very lucky, I mean, I’m pretty much the easiest girlfriend to buy for. Ever. We celebrated our two year anniversary on Monday and do you know what he got me? A Ruby Red, Limited Edition, Lamy Al Star fountain pen. Cheaper than, say, shoes or diamonds and it’s going to last longer than a pair of shoes would. Plus, it’s perfect for someone like me. I love that he doesn’t mind fuelling my stationery addiction every so often. I’m very lucky.

I don’t really think that it’s much of a problem. Yes, I have a ton of pens, and yes I have a ton of notebooks, but it’s not like they take up much space and I am using them. The notebooks just take a little while to get through when inspiration isn’t very plentiful. I do what I can though. Pens, on the other hand, are easier to get through. I’m always scribbling notes, doing sums, writing letters or whatever, so I think that’s even less of an issue. Besides, I buy a fair few fountain pens now, and some of those haven’t been inked yet because I’m waiting until I’ve narrowed down some of the pens I already have. Plus, fountain pens are refillable. Yay!

Ahem. So yeah. An addiction? Yes, highly likely. A problem? No, I don’t think so. Things are getting used, it’s not like they’re constantly sitting around gathering dust. I’m just slow.

Hello, I’m Danni and I’m addicted to stationery.

See you next week.



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2 responses to “A is for… Addiction.

  1. Pen

    I HAVE THE SAME EXACT PROBLEM. Only my notebooks are so pretty I’m afraid to write in them. And I’m a bit afraid to bring my fountain pens around with me and use them because I’m paranoid of losing them. x3

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