A is for Ask

Character interaction is interesting. If it wasn’t then pretty much every piece of fiction ever written that depicts two people conversing or interacting in any way would be pointless.

For some reason I’ve been thinking a lot about how a lot of complicated situations, both in fiction and reality, could be averted or lessened by simply talking, or just asking. Deception may make for interesting drama, but sometimes simply asking can move the plot further more effectively than messing about with half-hearted ideas just to connect scenes. In a lot of situations where the antagonist is confronted by the protagonist(s) for the first time, the often-parodied process of them revealing their entire plot (often on demand) is popular because it saves a lot of messing around and allows the plot to continue. If the protagonist doesn’t know what’s going on for most of the story and yet they’re supposed to fight against it, then this can prove problematic in terms of planning.

On another tangent, asking your characters for information on how to write the story and working out their responses can be useful. I know a lot of writers who do this (with scary amounts of enthusiasm sometimes), so feel free to try it. Go on. We won’t tell.


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