B is for… Ballpoints and Biros.

Hiya folks!

According to Google, ballpoints and biros are the same thing: that is, a ballpoint is a pen with a tiny ball as its writing point. So there you go. The title, however, still sounds good to me so that’s what we’ll stick with. Okay? Good.

I look around my desk and I only see a handful of ballpoint biros. Compared to the amount of fountain pens and gel pens and whatever that I own, a handful is absolutely nothing. There’s a reason for this too. I hate the things. I only own a few for use on thin, cheaper paper when my favoured pens feather, or bleed, or something – ie; when my favoured pens don’t perform their best. Or, to throw in a bag so I don’t have to worry too much about losing it or breaking it. Or so I can lend pens and not care for the sticky fingers that some people sometimes get. That sort of thing.

I do have a couple with interesting features, or pretty barrel designs but that’s a vanity thing. One I use quite often is my Mini Zebra Expandz but that’s because it’s with my “writing log” so it’s not like I write with it for extended periods of time. And, it’s cute.

One reason I hate the things is because they can be so darn scratchy. Another is that… They make my handwriting look even worse than it is. Ugh. Thirdly, it doesn’t matter how much you use them, how long you write with them for, they just will not die! If the world ever ends, Twinkies, cockroaches, Kraft’s Mac ‘n’ Cheese and biros will be the only things left I swear. Fourthly, the barrel shape of most of them, that horrible hexagonal shape, is really uncomfortable, and often far too thin. Of course, this last point is mostly about personal preference. Naturally.

I actually don’t have any more reasons to hand, but… I despise the things. I much prefer fountain pens, and I can’t use one of those then a gel pen will do. Just please don’t give me a Biro. It’ll make me a very unhappy writer.

Feel free to argue for or against the common Biro in the comments below.

Until next week,

Danni x

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5 responses to “B is for… Ballpoints and Biros.

  1. Pen

    I love fountain pens as well! Unfortunately I don’t usually use them much…most of my work is in pencil, except when I take notes in class. And then I’m too afraid of losing them or someone stealing them.
    I want to try out a Lamy Safari!

    I actually think writing done in ballpoints can look nice, but I hate that they leave indentations on paper. And I’ve never actually used a whole ballpoint… the cheap ones always stop letting ink out 1/4 of the way through. I check and there’s plenty of ink left but the ball just stops rolling or something. o.o
    Pilot G2’s/gel pens are lovely but they bleed through sometimes. I love the bold lines they make.

    The problem I have with my fountain pen right now (I’m using a Parker vector with the Parker quink cartridge) is getting the ink to be dark enough. For some reason, mostly with the blue, it’s too watery. Or the lines are uneven and there’s more pigment on one part of a letter than another and you can tell it was wet and dried. x_o

    • kenounirenashin

      The Lamy Safari is a great workhorse. And it’s often considered a “starter” fountain pen. They’re fairly cheap too which is a bonus 🙂

      I can’t say that I’ve used the Quink ink much – I’ve got just regular Parker ink and that seems to work just fine (the longer cartridges) though I’m more a fan of blue-black if I’m restricted. If not, I prefer brighter colours 😀 Just not in my Parkers. As for the pigment issue – I don’t mind that too much either; I think it shows a little shading and with some inks, that can look really pretty.

      Thank you for the last couple of comments on my posts 😀 It’s nice to know that someone else reads them!

      ~ Danni

      • Pen

        Haha, no problem. I stumbled on this blog on the nano forums (I think one of the writers posted a link to a writing preference post. I’m not sure which).

        Do you use a cartridge or convertor?

      • kenounirenashin

        Oooh. That might’ve been me linking to my own post. Haha. Currently, cartridges, but I haven’t found an ink I want to splash out on and get a whole bottle of yet. (Cartridges and Convertors is actually next week’s post…)

        ~ Danni

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