B is for Breaks

Breaks are essential to anyone who wants to stay mentally healthy. But they are even more important to make something (like writing) even better.

Time is a great healer when your creative juices or energy is low. My juices are never empty, but my energy levels can be sometimes; when that happens I usually take a week of and try to focus on other things.

Speaking of weeks off, I’m taking one starting today; every ten chapters I edit I’ll do this. Although when I say I take a break, I just switch to working on another project. It helps all the same with what I’ve said though.

Writers do their best when they let something build up. And they can only do that with thinking on their stories throughout the everyday tasks of life. Why do you think cleaning is equally as important as my actual writing for me? Because it gives the writer time to think things through before he/she sits down to actually do it.

That’s it from me today. Next week’s post will be better though.

My short story is going to be postponed until next week as I am working on other things at the minute. I am a little stressed out so it would have ended up worse off than usual anyway.

Currently reading:


Author: Roald Dahl

Till next week folks.



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