B is for Brain

Brain, singular.

It’s a rare thing to encounter in Science Fiction but it does crop up occasionally: separation of the brain from the human body. I’m not talking about placing it in a robot body or combining it with an animal or any of those wild and crazy examples, but a different thought.

What if you could talk to your brain?

Obviously people “talk” to their brain all the time through neurons and other sciency things that I don’t pretend to understand but yammer on about anyway. I’m talking “brain in a jar”, able to talk, what exactly would you talk about? Dark secrets? How clean it is in a jar and not committing atrocious acts like watching daytime television or curling?

It’s quite a thought-provoking thought. Would you and your brain get along if you were separate entities? Would you want to be reunited?

Now do that with your characters.


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