C is for Cathedral

C is for Cathedral; I walk past one almost every day that is near where I live. It’s only a five minute walk away from my front door. You can even see it from my bedroom window. I was going to take a picture and post it on this post but my camera is really bad and it doesn’t show up well.

The spectacular sensation I’ve always gotten from seeing this cathedral in the dark (with its lights illuminating it) sparked my interest to use this in an idea; I’ve actually revolved it around the light in the dark too. Only this is no ordinary light; it is a light of pure silver as that is what the structure is made from in the fictional story.

It was only a matter of time before I came up with something which revolved around an idea like this. I based The Silver Cathedral on one of the three worlds I have made up in the two fantasy novels I am currently working on.

The planet it is going to be set on is called Astora. The reason I’ve chose this one over the other two I’ve created is because there is little about it in the big story (Beings That Matter Part 1 and 2); the one I will most likely be spending the rest of my life perfecting.

I would like people to have read what this world is like before reading the actual main fantasy novels. What I have created, charted and brainstormed is quite magical. And when I say magical, I mean that it has flare. You would be able to tell that I’ve worked really hard to create this new world; well if I showed you the paper it fills, that is.

This new idea will be split in to two novellas — not novels. The first being The Silver Cathedral. The second, The 177th Swan. Although these are working titles at the minute, I do like them a lot and they fit perfectly.

Also I have wanted to write a children’s story and this is my ticket to do so. It just fits ever so well with what I have up my sleeve.

Anyway, I’ve decided to share the opening of this (for some reason) as I have written two pages of it (even when I shouldn’t of). It starts a little different from my other stuff; I don’t usually write poetry. Nevertheless, this is exactly how it goes:

The silver light that lies upon night

It twinkles with a radiant light

You might mistake it for a star

But then that means you’re not so far

Within this structure there are many

Although the two with jewels will help you plenty

Now on to the short story:

From Above

* * *

Andrew rushed out of the building, flinging his coat on as the dark now took over the sky; the cold stayed in London all that night.

As he buttoned up the last button of his coat near his neck, he noticed Chloe coming towards him.

“Andrew,” shouted Chloe, raising her hand in the crowd. People kept getting in her way as she tried to push to him in time. He looked left, the opposite direction of his personal assistant and fled as quickly as he could that way. He did not want to deal with her at these hours.

As the wealthy man kept walking away he heard his PA’s voice; only it sounded very near. He looked up from the path he stared at and somehow she was right there in front of him.

“Andrew,” she said again; her looking directly at his eyes, making him stop. Only it couldn’t be her as she was too far behind him to be where she was right now — at least not so soon.

Andrew knew something was not right. But to top it all off someone put their hand on his shoulder.

“That’s impossible,” said Andrew as he turned around and saw who it was — Chloe. “You were just over there two seconds ago,” pointing to where he’d just looked and was walking before.

“You must have a good imagination,” said Chloe. His PA did not answer the man directly or with another word.

Raymond stood silent as he was a little frightened of Andrew. He would never admit to that, but you could see it with him fidgeting amongst his own fingers; tapping them against one another, counting the taps.

“I need to talk to you,” said Chloe.

“Now?” She nodded then looked up at one of the tall buildings close to the hotel but on the other side of the road. It looked as if she saw something on one of them; it caught her attention before answering.

“The sooner the better.” Her voice sounded as if it all of sudden had concern in it.

Another crowd flooded them all. Only this time when they had disappeared again, Raymond and Andrew had noticed Chloe had too; the eyes of both men met.

“I can’t believe I agreed to help Chloe do this,” said Raymond quietly to himself. “Where the hell has she gone anyway?” He blurted this out whilst looking around for her.

“She has always been a strange one,” said Andrew not knowing what to do with himself now. “I’m Andrew by the way.” He held out his hand to shake the other’s; like he would in one of his meetings; a formal one.

Raymond shook his hand, being polite. He didn’t think he was too bad; maybe Chloe had been working this man up to be the king of all dicks when he truly wasn’t one.

“I’m her boss,” he said with such a tone of authority that it made Raymond think twice about what he’d just thought.

“I know who you are,” replied Raymond. “How are you today?”

Andrew replied with a shrug. “Just like every other day I guess; fine.” Although he looked away from Raymond as he said this. Anyone who could read people saw that he was uncomfortable.

“Because I am stupid enough to believe such an answer,” said Raymond, sarcastically. “Coffee?”

Andrew usually would of said no without any kind of hesitation or questioning. But for some reason today was a day that made him do different things. And he couldn’t figure out why?

“I’ve just had some,” replied Andrew. He twisted his face then smirked before speaking again. “But I’ve never turned down a coffee yet. So why not.”


“And I just put my coat on,” said Andrew, smiling; Raymond noticed him doing this like a gun had just been shot right near his ear; he must have genuinely meant it.

Although Raymond wasn’t attracted to men, he could see that Andrew’s smile was a handsome one; that on its own was a rare quality. And he was determined to see that smile again and again throughout the night. Whatever it takes, thought Raymond. I can see what Chloe meant now. There is some hope for him after all.

Currently reading:

The Magicians of Caprona

Author: Dianne Wynne Jones

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