C is for Craig

Yes, I’m 4. Hello.

Names are an important part of characterisation. Picture, if you will, a scene containing thirty unnamed characters and try to write a conversation between them without using their names. Very quickly, you begin to describe their physical appearance and clothing as their names are unknown to the reader. If the characters are completely identical, then you start writing based on their location. If they’re in some parallel plane of existence where everyone exists in the same place, then you’d probably go by speaking order. If they all speak at the exact same moment, you’re being awkward and I hate you.

I’ve never been too fond of my name. “Craig” is one of those names that doesn’t crop up very often – in fact I’ve only met about three other Craigs my entire life. I know the origins of the name – it originates from the word “crag”, and means “rocky” or “rock”.

I know several writers that peruse the internet and baby books just to think of interesting names for their characters. It’s a good habit to get into.

Note – I’d like to apologise for the briefness of this post, but today’s been a really bad day. Inspiration well is dry.



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7 responses to “C is for Craig

  1. kenounirenashin

    I’m totally not one of those writers with a baby names book >_>

  2. jtotheptothe

    Apparently my name means: God is gracious. Because that makes sense. Not.

  3. I absolutely own more than one name book. And a surname book. – Lil

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