D is for… Dilution and Dependency.

Hiya folks,

Yes, that title is relevant, but you’ll have to bear with me.

First – Dilution. To dilute a liquid, often with another liquid, or water, or, to make weaker, or to make less.

Or words to that affect. Right? Okay.

Stationary is responsible for diluting my funds. This isn’t something that I particularly care about too much, because there is nothing else I would rather spend / have spent my money on. Plus, I can see where my money goes, which I like. Which is more than I can say for some people. I don’t see how it is a problem. See my “A” post for more details on at topic.

Some people dilute their inks – with a bit of water I believe, just so it doesn’t clog up their pens. I don’t really think that many people actually do this as often as I first thought – ink isn’t actually that thick, and often, it’s something to do with the pen, than the ink. Or at least… I don’t know. Ink (and pens) can be very temperamental. Some inks behave better in certain pens as opposed to others. Some inks are actually designed that way. I think.

As for the dependency… It’s a sad state of affairs when then only, or one of the only things, that makes you happy, gets taken away from you. It’s a sad state of affairs when you get yourself into that situation in the first place.

Sorry for the rubbish post guys, D was a difficult letter and it’s been a difficult week.

~ Danni x

Word count – 257 words.


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