D is for Dos and Don’ts

This week my post will be a list of things I have learned from experience. And I’m sure there will be some more to add. Feel free to comment and add if you can think of some I’ve missed.

  • Do your research thoroughly.
  • Don’t give detailed descriptions of characters; stick to giving the reader what they need to know, when they need to know it.
  • Do write every day (even if it’s just in small amounts), or when you feel you have to. Ideas fade away if you don’t add them to your story; you will be kicking yourself if you say you’ll do it later – because you will probably forget them.
  • Don’t wait for inspiration or motivation. Some days are harder than others, but persevere – in the end it will reward you! Some of my best writing has come out of the longest and hardest days of my life.
  • Do expand your mind in to areas you wouldn’t normally; ideas for stories can come out of anything.
  • Don’t use many exclamation marks. I’ve read in a ‘how to write’ book that there should be no more than THREE of these within a mass of 100,000 words.
  • Do read like it’s the last day on Earth.
  • Don’t take constructive criticism as the answer to your writing.
  • Do consider the criticism though.
  • Don’t use clichés. Instead, try to create something new.
  • Do use the three key components to inventing. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in this order:
  1. Visualise
  2. Combine
  3. Rethink
  • Don’t procrastinate and put things of for another day when you can do it, it’s just that you don’t want to.
  • Do take breaks before going over your whole project again.
  • Don’t use adverbs (or use them sparingly if you have to).

As I’ve been somewhat busy with work and other things this week, twice the amount of the word count from the  From Above short story will be posted next week; I am planning to work on it this Sunday.

That’s it from me people. Hope you have a good week – until next time.

Jon x


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