Endurance is important when writing. Why? Because you need to sit through pages and pages of what – at times – can feel like the worst written piece of fiction you will ever lay eyes on.

It gets better. Draft after draft as improvements are made, the 50,000 (or more, in many, many cases) words that once looked like you had just sneezed them out onto the page are starting to form into something coherent and you might even start to like your characters and their various eccentricities.

When starting what may or may not become a lengthy work of fiction, it is important not to get too obsessed with all the detail that gets in the way of writing. When you know there’s time to reshape and rewrite focusing down on tiny, tiny details is, in a sense, just another way to procrastinate.

I know. I’ve done it.

It’s so easy to get obsessed with detail – for example – I was convinced I had to know the exact type of boat that would be used for a cross-channel ferry in 1926, when it turns out that it really wasn’t that important. The fact they were on the boat was secondary, why they were there and where they were going were more important. What happened while they were on the boat were more important still.

I’m writing a sequel at the moment and finding it incredibly difficult – as you may have noticed from my last few blog posts, but I shall endure because I want to tell the story. I still have to find the right way for the plot to go in and the events that have a knock on effect to everything else but I believe in the story (sorry for the cheesiness there!), so I shall see it through.

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