E is for… Erasable Pens.

Hiya folks!

So, erasable pens! And no, I’m not talking about pencils / erasers or correction fluid or ink cartridges with those ink eradicators. No. I’m talking about actual gel like ink in pens that can be erased.

I know of three different types, so I’ll give you a quick overview of each before going into a bit more detail, but not too much. Call this, a mini review of sorts. And I’m sorry that I don’t have any pictures. I’m not that organised.

Before I start though – all opinions are mine, I’m not being sponsored or paid or anything by these companies, all the pens I’ve tested I purchased myself and all information is based on what I’ve seen and / or experienced. So! Onto the types.

Papermate’s Reply / Replay Max – the Max has a much thicker barrel and comes in black, blue and red. I’ve seen the replay in black, light blue, pink, purple and orange. Medium points, as standard in most pens, ballpoints and cappable. (That is, the cap can be put on the end – also referred to as ‘posting.’)

Pilot Frixion – comes in both retractable and cappable versions in both 0.7 (medium point) and 0.5 (sometimes referred to as needlepoint) tips. I’ve seen them in blue, light blue, pink, purple, green, black, red and orange.

Uniball’s Fanthom – cappable, medium point, comes in blue, green pink, purple, red and black.

I personally haven’t heard of any others.

Right, so that’s the quick overviews, now for the rest of it all.

The Uniball Fanthom – I actually went out to get one of these today, specifically for this blog post, that’s why it’s post is so late (I got it in green). I haven’t tried one before. It’s actually not great. The pen takes a little while to get going, but when it does, it’s a fairly nice green, but, as expected with a ballpoint like pen, there’s a little skipping (blank spots in the writing). The erasing is fine actually, as long as you give the ink a little while to dry. It’s not the best erasing – you can still see where the pen left a mark, just without the colour. As for the writing over… Hm. Not great. The ink looks watery, almost. And as for the pen barrel itself? Horrible. Not a fan of all the writing over it. Nice colour plastic, spoilt by the writing. Not my thing.

Papermate Reply / Reply Max – (I’ll get to the Max in a minute, bear with me.) These pens are thin barrelled, but the ink colours are nice. The barrel is a bit of a pale brown, paper bag type colour, which is kind of… Meh. The logo printed on the barrel also rubs off easily. Oh, and the orange in the pack that I got was a bit… Temperamental. Very very skippy. Not great. They actually erase well, it’s easy, but you can still see the marks on the page and even some colour. The rubbers on the end of the caps leave a bit of debris and don’t seem to fit in the caps very well, but they’re good enough. These pens are fine for use on cheaper papers, for scribbling notes you don’t care about. The Papermate Replay Max is practically the same thing, just in more standard colours with a thicker barrel, cap and bigger eraser, but everything else still goes.


Pilot Frixion – these are actually my favourite of the three different types. They’re more of a gel as opposed to a brio type pen like the Papermates are, so they flow much better. You do have to wait for the ink to dry before erasing and then give the erasing a second or two before rewriting. And, in addition, the colour, when you write over, isn’t as strong, but that’s what it’s like across the board. I also prefer the slightly tribal ish barrel design, the fact that they become in a needlepoint, and the fact that they come in so many different colours.

The only thing I haven’t covered is price, but that varies. Overall, these types of pens are worth playing around with, I think. They’re fun. Not for everyone, of course, but I like them. If you can get them cheap, try them out.

Yeah. There you go, a quick review of all the types of erasable pens that I’m aware of. Of course, feel free to add anything else in the comments.

Until next time,

Danni x

Word count – 742 words.



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3 responses to “E is for… Erasable Pens.

  1. Pen

    There’s also the sharpie liquid pencil, which is a similar idea. It has liquid graphite in the form of a ballpoint that erases and becomes permanent after a few days. I heard it sucks though and either doesn’t erase because of indentations or never becomes permanent and can be rubbed off with your finger. x_x

    Love the posts! :’D

    • kenounirenashin

      I’m not entirely sure that I’ve seen those around, but you’re right, I’ve heard that they suck too.

      Thanks for the comment, and reading πŸ˜€ I hope I’m doing okay πŸ˜€

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