E is for… (the) End

E is for (the) end, and here is the end of the From Above short story. I actually cried writing this, so I hope you love it as much as I loved writing it. Enjoy:

From Above

Time passed; weeks soon turned in to years and the years in to some happy memories. It was these memories and times that changed Andrew as a person – for the better. He found something in Raymond that he could not get and accept on his own. It was the ability to truly live – like it was both his first and last life. His new friend’s exact words which caught his attention the most was:

“We only have one life. There are no second chances; we should not regret, but live in the moment; that is all life is and should be. It can be really beautiful if you let it Andrew.”

It took the rich man some time to put aside his status as an international boss to millions. As soon as he responded after nearly two minutes; it was then, that a single tear strolled down his face. He answered.

“Yes.” He stood up from his room he had room service deliver their coffees to. He looked down to where they once stood outside the hotel then turned. “It’s time to see a part of the world I have been hiding away from.” He repeated but whispered the words “it is time” again before opening up a beaming smile to Raymond.

Raymond looked at Andrew and felt like he saw the real him now; the one who so suddenly showed such life before his eyes. He had never felt this way before. Come to think of it he’d never helped anyone before then, but knew thereon, that that was his calling. And Andrew felt the exact same way.

It took them five years longer to fully establish that their friendship was as real and powerful as it could get, and they used that to both become partners – to open and run a homeless shelter.

But the story doesn’t end there. The building they used was the From Above hotel where everything changed. It was only then that the two truly understood the message behind the angel’s tale.

* * *

It was on the same day that everything had changed for both Raymond and Andrew, that Chloe had disappeared – but to where?

“Dwaine,” said Chloe.

“I’m sorry that I have to be here,” replied Dwaine. Chloe looked at the ground and felt a breeze push her out of her current position.

“I’ve done it,” she said, seeing Andrew and Raymond going in to the hotel together. Her standing on the roof of building that caught her attention on the ground. She looked all so pleased with herself. “The message behind that hotel and our kind is so inspiring.”

“That you have gal. Angels can only do so much in this world for mortals; only the humans can become the true angels of their own lives in the end. They share the message of love and kindness through their own nature – and that reflects their maker. The love from God will never be enough for them. They have to learn to love each other.”

“Why are you here then?”

“To warn you this is not the end. But only the beginning.”

“So why is the angel of death here, then! said Chloe. “Get to the point.”

“Because in seven years Andrew is going to die of what killed his father. What it is, is not important. His death actually gives way to handing his money and business over to Raymond.”

Chloe put her hand over her face and sighed deeply.

“I have failed. Why are you telling me this now?” She removed her hand and her face was red. Her eyes were even redder and filled with water.

“I am here to tell you you’ve not failed. You did it Chloe. Just in a much different way to what we expected. When Raymond takes over the business after Andrew dies, he begins a global charity store, continuing his work him and Andrew will do together with a homeless shelter; everything what he does after his friend dies helps millions of people around the world. We will merely loose a man – to save many more.”

And that my friends, is exactly what happened.

The End

I would like to dedicate this short story to my little brother Shawn; for making me see a light within myself. It was because of him that I now care so much about progressive and heart warming stories — to attempt to make myself, and above all — others, better people. To make us look deep inside ourselves, and right what has been wronged. Thank you for that brother. For that I owe you an ever lasting gratitude and thanks. I will not forget it.

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  1. Pen

    That was lovely. :’)

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