F is for… Fountain Pen Fascination.

Hiya folks!

Fountain pens. Mm. My favourite things. Or, some of my favourite things anyway.

I have 25 and 3 ‘disposables’ so 28. Most of those are relatively cheap things, such as WHSmith’s own brand or Bic ones, or even unnamed / unbranded things. I have 2 Parkers and 8 Lamy pens, and I love them all. I also have two ink rollerball pens – they’re like gel pens but they take ink cartridges. I like those, they’re very nice things.

I got a new one yesterday. It’s a Bic that twists the nib up; think like a twistable crayon. I haven’t inked it yet, but the concept is cool.

I would take a photo of all of the fountain pens I have and then label it, but I’m not sure that I’m that organized and some of them are… Well, I don’t know the brands or even remember the brands of some of them.

I actually write with fountain pens a lot – all my letters are written with fountain pens, the drafts to these blog posts are written with them (90% of the time anyway, sometimes it’s more convenient to grab a gel pen – we all know that I handwrite before typing things up.) I even do my word counting maths with fountain pens. I can’t help it, I just love writing with them. I’m supposed to be burning through my gel ink pens but… My fountain pens keep calling out to me.

Hush. I can’t help it. Writing with them is beautiful. I love seeing the ink glisten on the page for a little bit before it dries, the way the nibs feel on paper. I feel like a ‘proper’ writer when I use a fountain pen. It sounds silly, I know, but that’s the way I feel. I love the fact that I ‘go old school’ to write. I actually write much better (in my opinion) when I do it long hand. Typing isn’t really my thing anymore. I’ll do it if I have to but sometimes, the words just flow much better when I use a pen and paper instead of the keyboard. And then, when I use a fountain pen – it’s almost like a luxury. And frankly, I deserve at least that. Anyone and everyone, especially those who write, deserves that.

I also consider it a relatively cheap hobby – I’m not one of those types of people who only buys expensive fountain pens, in fact, I’ve never spent more than £20 on a pen so far to date. That’s a disposable pen to most people who collect. To be honest, I prefer the cheap and cheerful ones. Collecting pens doesn’t take up much space either, unlike some hobbies and / or interests.

As I said earlier, I don’t have a photo of all my pens, but I do have a photo of all my Lamy fountain pens that I’ll share with you:

Pen, Pens, Pens...

From left to right: Limited Edition 2012 Apple Green Lamy Safari, Limited Edition 2011 Aquamarine Lamy Safari, Limited Edition Pink Lamy Safari, Lamy Vista, Citron Lamy Nexx, Limited/Special Edition (not entirely sure which) Ruby Red Lamy Safari Al-Star, Ocean Blue Lamy Safari Al-Star and the Coffee / Chocolate (I’ve seen it referred to both, but I call it the Coffee) Lamy Safari Al-Star.

I’m not sure of all the years, or if the latter ones are Special or Limited Editions or whatever, but I’ve filled in what I can. They all have different nib sizes, though I have doubled up on some. For example, I’d have three mediums, two extra fines, two fines, and so on. Although the nibs are interchangeable (and it’s really easy to do so) so it doesn’t really matter.

My other favourite fountain pen is a Parker Frontier in ‘twilight’ (it looks blue in some lights, purple in others and sometimes even a little green.) I love the thing, it was given to me as a gift (along with a matching ballpoint) when I was in my second year of university and it got me back into handwriting and into collecting fountain pens. Love love love it, it’s a beautiful writer.

Other mentionable pens? My Schneider Id – big, chunky and a nice writer with a good grip section. Though, my Pilot disposables are good writers, perhaps a little bolder than the average medium nib, but the colours they come in are great and they’re a fantastic way to introduce yourself, or someone else, to fountain pens.

I’m of the opinion that everyone should at least try a fountain pen, especially in this incredibly digital age – longhand writing is becoming a lost art and it’s a damn shame. I don’t want to see it die out completely in my lifetime.

Anyway. I could go on for hours about fountain pens, but it’s probably better that I don’t. I’m also aware that this could’ve been “An Introduction To…” kind of post, but… No, you get my ramblings instead. Sorry about that. Instead of going on any longer, I’m going to leave you with an (unrelated) article I found last week that I like, and feel like sharing. Here you go.

Until next week folks,

Danni x

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19 responses to “F is for… Fountain Pen Fascination.

  1. jtotheptothe

    Funny you should say that about fountain pens. I feel like a real writer when using them too 🙂 And I’m always using it.

    • kenounirenashin

      What do you have? Fountain pen, I mean?

      • jtotheptothe

        I honestly don’t know. My mother bought it for me for getting my degree. Oh, wait… It has the tiniest name of it on the gold nib: Boer. Heard of it? It has the most beautiful tint of black and blue outer shell though. I really like it, regardless of whatever it cost.

      • kenounirenashin

        Hmm, no, i haven’t heard of it actually. I’m going to go and Google them in a minute. It sounds really pretty.

  2. jtotheptothe

    Oh, sorry; It is spelled boaer, not boer. The writing is very small though.

    • kenounirenashin

      I found ’em. Their pens look really pretty. And I saw one by them with a marbled body. Damn, I love marbling. *I will not buy another pen, I will not buy another pen*

  3. jtotheptothe

    Do it!

  4. jtotheptothe

    So! I have a lot of books and I still buy more all the time — even when I haven’t read the ones I have.

    • kenounirenashin

      Aye, but, you don’t get people breathing down your neck when you get post. Either way, found one on ebay I’m drooling over. If I’m still drooling in a week I might just get it anyway!

  5. I like fountain pens but find, as a left hander, they are so very inconvenient. Ink has to dry the second it comes out of the pen or it’s no good!


    • kenounirenashin

      There are uber fast drying inks out there. ANd, i have no idea if a nib specially designed for left handers would be any use but I know they exist.

    • kenounirenashin

      Following up on this – I’ve asked around, and most people seem to agree that the finer the nib, the faster the drying time. But that depends on if you can stand needlepoint type pens I suppose. Although I have no ink recommendations for you yet.

  6. Pen

    Gah, I share this love. Fountain pens are so smooth and you only need a light touch… I think I’m going to fail my exams from my hand cramping in school with regular pens.
    Which one is your favorite?

    • kenounirenashin

      I still see the Aqua about a fair bit actually here in the UK.

      My favourite Lamy? My favourite Al Star is the Ruby (anniversary present from the boyfriend) and favourite Safari is my Apple Green. Green makes me so happy.

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  8. Pen

    Which lamy nib size do you like the most?

    • kenounirenashin

      Hm. Good question. I use my Mediums a lot but I’m quite fond of the 1.5mm calligraphy nib. But that one’s not good for quick writing. he Fine’s alright, but I’m not sure I see much difference between the F and M – I’m yet to use an EF.

      ~ Danni

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